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How does this literal manlet have a gf and I'm still a virgin


how tall is he?


File: 1600634742358.webm (9.45 MB, 608x360, baka song.webm) Google



File: 1600631879413.jpg (1.93 MB, 2894x4093, 1600626853596.jpg) Google



File: 1600631890271.png (390.21 KB, 550x770, 1600562307370.png) Google


File: 1600631895276.png (688.32 KB, 798x1163, 1600562066650.png) Google


File: 1600631899564.jpg (561.24 KB, 1200x1622, 1600618953508.jpg) Google


File: 1600631908741.jpg (4.43 MB, 3721x5262, 1600573928573.jpg) Google


File: 1600631918040.jpg (1.76 MB, 1243x2382, 1600575258925.jpg) Google


File: 1600634713560.jpg (488.02 KB, 967x1414, 84164333_p4.jpg) Google

sugoi dekai!


File: 1600634065749.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 4A630ED6-62EE-4EB4-A56D-81….png) Google






She's better than me at video games
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i beat it as a kid




so what its still hard


ok but dont call me a retard


Why not


its rude


File: 1600631705355.jpg (106.89 KB, 700x987, 1600626853596.jpg) Google


If you met flan what would you say to her before she blasts you into 100000000000 pieces on accident?


File: 1600616557888.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1280, 8f7aab53d04bdcf4242e1d703c….png) Google


should I buy a tablet for reading manga

I am conflicted because I already have a TV in front of my bed which I use as a PC monitor when I am in my bed so I can read manga on it too but I think reading it on a tablet would be nicer


Who is she?


A four year old child.


please advise


File: 1600629225995.jpg (50.33 KB, 600x605, neet.jpg) Google



File: 1600630100836.png (1.06 MB, 1176x664, WTF.png) Google


This will happen to Ron Paul during the 20s


File: 1600626051891.png (6.13 KB, 144x40, unknown.png) Google


>ywn escape the botnet
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>default settings


File: 1600626709168.png (96.75 KB, 790x401, Screenshot_2020-09-20 Fire….png) Google


File: 1600626772169.png (37.86 KB, 1366x754, furrymoon.png) Google

furrymoon bros rise up


if i do this now will i lose my old profile or can i transfer all my passwords and history to the new profile




File: 1600628723266.png (470.91 KB, 481x677, 93f6078.png) Google




File: 1600251836048.png (43.05 KB, 670x240, ban.png) Google


ayo Ron Paul teach me how to ban evade
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ok im doing it




nevermind i googled it not gonna risk it


File: 1600625489844.png (1.81 KB, 439x81, ban 3.png) Google

fuck these fags


you’ll just have to post from Starbucks el oh el. Right of passage for college cucks until you get your own place


File: 1600628296953.png (48.74 KB, 850x534, unknown.png) Google

janny are you ok?


File: 1600619879136.jpg (27.79 KB, 570x538, images (1)(1).jpg) Google


What do we do about low tippers? My friend got a job working for Amazon and he said the last guy only gave him a 5 dollar tip for his Amazon fresh delivery. Like I feel like delivery drivers should smash windows on the homes that give low tips, this shit is getting out of hand.
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Personally I never tip


Wow I think I'm gonna stop then. Like even for Uber eats and deliveries


I love not tipping female waitresses that give me that "ugh non Chads should die" look. I've also tipped more than the cost of the meal to women that treat me like a human.
It's just that easy. If you want a reward you should put in the effort.



If it makes you feel better as a when I delivwred through online apps in college most people didn’t tip anyways.


ok good imma stop then im running out of money


File: 1600626795538.mp4 (3.75 MB, 576x1024, Loli.mp4) Google



i want the stop thot one


File: 1600625703024.jpg (711.78 KB, 1920x800, The.Boys.S02E01.1080p.AMZN….jpg) Google


anyone know where i can watch a season 1 recap


File: 1600625794578.webm (2.88 MB, 958x400, 1600553933099.webm) Google

the beginning of s02e01


it wsn't enough i dont remember shit but dont wanna rewatch the whole seaon 1


Holy shit do people actually watch this garbage unironically?
>haha what if we made le epic MCU
>BUT they're bad and edgy instead of good and quirky


get filtered retard


get filtered retard


lol thats why i watch it tho

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