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discord is still up
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discord is for norms

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i cant believe that i miss 2014

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Banned from /qa/ again…





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>Send milk dick pic
>unfollows me on twitter
Fuck this lesbo ho






why did someone even bother making that

hate normweebs


xxxtentacion discovered the urban weeb demographic


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do you listen to goreshit?


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fuck you


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I want Shinoa to fuck me….

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30 minute rule goes for cocksucking too. If you finish under 30 minutes you're not gay.

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le pickle man

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you will come back again… time is a flat circle


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and again and again and again..forever


No it isn't.


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I wish


Do you think all psychs are for this or just planted ones for high ranking targets and officials they need to control?


They all have the same mentality so…

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why are they using pokemon money?

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