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discord is still up
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Let's revive this place.


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I heard Nagi comes here?


well okay posting

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tell me about the history of this board


Tell Portugal to post the archive already


Portugal, post the archive already.

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Santa's not coming this year kid.


I cum in santa


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Gays aren't allowed in my thread.


You can come back, I'll make an exception just this one time.

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Why is this eyesore of a site still up?


Why are you even here? Go back to 4chan.

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inspiring comrade


Can someone please post the discord link again

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Scary stuff from Japan
- D-san


can you post here more?


Very scared.


this is like what goth high school girls like and some in their 20s that got too fucked up


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Which is josh


somewhere in the middle
josh has serious mental issues

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