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discord is still up
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reset the bans because i dont recognize any of them

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if i learn to drive will i get a gf easier


yeah but having your own apartment makes it even easier


That wasn't a fun fact.


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I drive.

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What's up witht hese uniformns?


They work part time as strippers.


I don't see what's wrong with them


Wonder if long skirts in anime will ever come back?


based chinks

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Amazing, this changes everything contemporary archeologist have previously held to be true.


Started calling my cat serval (saabaru)and she loves it

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the worker ants all work for the sake of the queen ant. it's more like an absolute monarchy than communism


But the queen is only fulfilling its resource consuming purpose of reproduction. it isnt a life of luxury and it's not like the queen has any real authority over the hive mind.


If the worker ants don't like the queen ant they fucking murder that bitch.


Monarchies vary quite a lot so many of them were like that.


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Dumb gay josh is always in the spotlight
what about me?


Josh doesn't get the spotlight; he is the light that shines down on all who Drive


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Literally my image……………….

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4chan is DOWN


hopefully forever


Wish the feds would shut it down

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Why hasn't anyone saved Sean's posts and made a YouTube video on them?


too much effort, and sean is too unpredictable with his posting, he contradicts himself all the time so there's no way he would ever be regarded as biblical

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