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discord is still up
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discord doesnt respect my freedom

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Are you a nigger?
Well then, let me explain.
Being a nigger goes beyond just skin color and dick size.
It's about the soul.
For instance, do you like fried chicken?
Huh? Huh? Huh?


No it does not, nigger comes from the Latin for black, if you are not black you are not a nigger.


We've got a fucking scientist over here, fellas…


I'm a linguist…

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I miss my GNbros… The good old days are never coming back…….


Together, or not together.

These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.


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Only because the gaylord admin won't sell the domain back to me……..


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This one is for my homie, Porchy… Rest in piece.

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this board is so dead practically every post is a new thread

I am here to exacerbate that problem.



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how long


Your mum rang, she wants her odachi back.

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How much to buy the domain so I can put this old dog out of its misery?


No don''t.


I will never sell this domain

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where did everyone go
this place used to be popping last time i checked like a few months ago or maybe it was a year ago i guess /ota/ won


Admin killed it and then somebody else claimed it, I still hang around but there is not much to post.

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hi can someone post dani pic

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He needs to address that pelvic tilt.

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