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Hello based department?

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Working in an office is horrible and you're body will start to feel shit the moment you start. The headaches from staring at the computer monitor all day, back and neck pain from sitting in the same chair all day, stomach cramps from stress and repressed anger, I could go on. By the end of my last job, I was shitting at least 4 times a day and I have to be on medication just to deal with the cramps. Worst of all is the fact that cubicles are no longer a thing where I live, so dossing off is no longer viable either. Your supervisor has nothing better to do than make sure you're working, so all you can do is watch the clock and pray to God that you will die in your sleep. I'd happily live poor if it means I never have to experience that again.

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>A cup will disappear in your life time


superior japanese steel folded 1000 times

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fucking magnets how do they work


By being magnetic

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Why do you keep coming back to this board

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There are no goode threads on here rn so I'm making one

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Why aren't you learning to code?

Literally everyone I know with a decent paycheck has had to learn it.

Not knowing to code in 2020 is like not knowing how to read and write. You're functionally illiterate for the modern world.


Javascript is not even a programming language. It's fucking garbage, just like everything else about programming. Programming sucks ass.

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check out my new video guys

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I've decided to stop streaming for good.

Kripp needs my full support from now on and the streams are also, like, really shitty. And pointless.

I think this is for the best.
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Everyone has an off day. It wasn't even that bad, it just seemed like you weren't into it. Probably because you wanted to watch kripp instead.
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


someone toss him some mcdonalds money that'll change his tune real quick


I fully support your decision to stop streaming for good. For some reason every time you stream it seems to turn out even shittier than your stream before that.


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um yes sweaty

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Would you get an anime car if you were rich?

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>white girl makes tiktok mocking how black people react to interracial crime and black on black crime
>gets thrown out of her university and is now canceled
Did she deserve it? If it makes any difference, her boyfriend is a mexican, and she tried to use him to prove she isn't racist.


It's profitable to be pro-nig right now, which is why this girl will lose out on an education while some black girl vandalizing a statue of Columbus will be given a full scholarship. Of course she didn't deserve it, but I hope she learned a valuable lesson that rationality and logic are no longer valued in America.

The end goal of all this shit is just to lower the status of whites and raise the status of blacks so they're both equally miserable impoverished slaves to the elite, though.


In any sane world they'd be patting her back for saying something so obvious and factual but this is clown world where you cant say anything about niggers or the lynch mob pc police will ruin your life


she should lawyer up and sue the university


This is why you're an incel

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