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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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How do I get an apartment without a cosigner

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>Be dumb 18 year olds
>Told by literally every authority figure around them to go to college
>Poorly educated on ramification of loans/interest
>"You made the stupid choice, you deserve to get fucked"
I love how faggots defend this shit because they're so insecure about attacks on muh capitalism
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why not just not pay them? i have like 40k in credit card debt and it's literally free money from mommy and daddy jew overlords

you realize everything is gonna collapsde and you will never have to pay that shit right


How the fuck do you accumulate 32k in interest on a student loan amount that small? She must have not majored in economics.


File: 1600273833560.jpg (1.49 MB, 2000x2000, illust_84420559_20200916_0….jpg) Google

US student loans unironically have a separate set of laws that prevent forgiveness like the rest of labs.
Having a record so you use private unsubsidized loans instead of fafsa and then not cutting costs abs paying part of em off in college.


She must have really fucked something up. Younger generations have no concept of future planning, the point of a degree is to get jobs that pay well so that the net loss of paying the loans is still less than if you had no qualifications. Do these retards just go for the fuck of it and plan to figure out how they'll capitalize on a Masters in African Rain-Dancing afterwards?


>Having a record
A criminal record? Society owes nothing to you if you act like an animal and get caught.


I can't get FAFSA anymore cuz I attempted too many credits

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I have to go to work now, remember to lock the doors and if you need anything just call.

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xbox and playstation fans arguing about which console has more gigashits per terafart


>meanwhile in switchtard land
>ports of 20 year old games run at 12fps


wtf why did you steal my thread




get owned bitch

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>spent the last 9 years on 4chan, steam, and youtube
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If that's true you're pretty based


Same but I'm 24, some here are 30+ and still do it, so don't trust those people saying something along the lines "lot of people end up finding what they love at 25, don't worry" because that will never happen and your life is pretty much over.


holy fuck it's true gn has literal teens


Wait I thought you started at 16 what the fuck





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Anal sex is gay even if you do it to a girl

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Are any of you actually seriously gonna kill yourselves or is it just a coping mechanism to accept that this will be your life even in old age and it will only get worse


nah we're all going to die soon enough


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When you stop and think about it, having a 2hu for a wife or a girlfriend is pretty terrifying. Not only are they not humans, but they also don't even think like humans. And that's not even getting starting that they need to eat humans to survive. Really, what are the benefits of having them as partners?


My crush is literally real life youmou


>what are the benefits
you can sex them



feet's for those who can't get to vagene


After a long enough time as a solitary incel you stop being 100% human too
You'd probably have more of a connection with an evil Japanese forest spirit than your typical modern woman

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File: 1600234707843.png (52.48 KB, 180x240, ExplainFurther.png) Google


Why is Ron Paul?


So how do you guys feel about all the obvious EN pandering the JP holos are doing nowadays?
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the company creates their character models and all that and has to have some oversight in what they stream. they are obvs streaming retro gaming to attact the loser incels over 30 that usually have more money from stem jobs but no gf


File: 1600222587148.jpg (160.37 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanojo, Oka….jpg) Google

No fucking shit……

God you're dumb………


File: 1600223407046.png (171.55 KB, 519x292, 1598317465697.png) Google


She isn't even hiding it……….


It's amazing that whatshisface made ota so bad Ron Paul brought it back up.


dude no one cares about your band geek board lol


Good business strategy. You can only get so far by speaking japanese.

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