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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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>tfw all I want is a loving gf to hug me, hold me, accept me, tell me everything is going to be ok
>tfw I know it's literally impossible because women hate weak men
>tfw I'm just craving the love I didn't get from mommy and daddy
I should just die


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This is what they took from you.


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Which 2hu would you sleep with? No sex stuff, just sleeping

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Do American liberals believe that their country can function without white people? Are they ok with destroying a nation in which they themselves live?




I'm considering leaving America because of black people.
In the age of the internet, niggers have become too powerful due to the wide reach that the technology provides, and they're also being funded by jews which makes the situation even more unsolvable. I don't hate black people, but their low IQ and highly aggressive nature makes them the perfect puppet for a victimhood narrative that has gone TOO far. Blacks literally believe that nothing is their fault, think everything they do is justified, produce nothing of value besides maybe jazz music, and cause death, stress, and decay anywhere they concentrate.


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Do this but with different European countries killing each other. Fucking moron.

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life is meaningless
what is the point of all of this? why the fuck are we here? I hate everyone I meet, people are just bland and retarded beings that I cant tolerate. Nothing anyone does matters, governments are oppressive and most people are retarded bug drones that eat up all the propaganda that they are presented with, working is a waste of time but to be fair everything is just a distraction to make the time go by so we dont have to think about the sweet release of death

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check-up with the dentist

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Can't wait to vote for delusional old retard or senile old retard


I don't even care at this point but like Trump is in total loser mode


No one likes Trump anymore or Biden but the difference is Biden has enough support to win


Yeah, I feel like a president most people find mediocre versus one a lot of people hate is a lot better competition than 2 a lot of people hate?
But there's also a big question of getting retards out of their houses to vote (even though everyone with a job does mail-in), and it's questionable whether or not Biden can do that.


I may as well not vote since the only candidates I vote for are independent



This is what trunk is retweeting as support. This is so sad

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Why would anyone dump hundreds of hours to learn Japanese if they were never going to live in Japan in the first place?


so they can read that image


to call you an eop


To be culturally rounded and enlightened to other ways of thinking.


then why not learn ebonics


I said enlightened not retarded.


wish that weaboo fuck macarthur forcibly romanized the language during the occupation like it was planned

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