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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Trwvshit remove my rangeban

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I'm so used to being alone at this point that I don't even know how to have another person in my life.


no one cares fag attention whore


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A 1996 study of 2,310 twins conducted by the University of Minnesota found that 50% of our well-being is determined by genetics. Neither socioeconomic status, educational attainment, family income, marital status, nor an indicator of religious commitment could account for more than about 3% of the variance in well-being.
A smaller sample of twins was studied over a longer period (ten years). In those cases, it was estimated that the heritability of the stable component of subjective well-being could be as high as 80%.


You literally get serotonin from having a gf

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>japan now has 80 thousand people over 100 years old
Red meat is the problem, do not eat rotting corpses.


na it's cuz they dont abandon their parents and parents dont abandon their kids like in the usa


nah it's cuz they eat seafood and their red meat is literally the greatest red meat on earth you stupid fuck. japs eat a lot of red meat when im a crypto billionaire im gonna eat kobe beef every day

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what's the point of penis inspection days in school



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>Sheldon? What are you doing?
>Playing Super Mario 64 on a poorly designed $60 Nintendo Switch port


i bought the game to scalp on ebay for triple the price

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I've decided to finally shut this place down for good.

Sunday will be GNFOS' last day.
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i blame schizo spammer for this


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for good
just like hearthstone


See you in October!


Say something, T‎revor….


He's going home…


RIP gnfos


it's for real this time


2020 is too late

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Why do millennials not have a work ethic? And more importantly, why do they think this line of thinking doesn't have consequences?


To be fair nobody gives a fuck about tattoos and piercings anymore most current boomers have tats




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There are no good threads on gn rite now so I'm going to add one

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Y'all please… Respect women, is it that hard for you chuds to do?

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