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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Think I gave myself permanent brain damage from how hard I punched myself in the head after this last shartstone uninstall……

I need to check myself into an addiction center already……


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Don't you have a vtuber to simp for or literally a billion other streamers you can watch who are streaming what you want to see?


that's 2000 hours of your life that didn't go to waste


T whats your battleground ranking, I'm at 7,5k am I better than you?


File: 1599062633878.jpg (111.57 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanojo, Oka….jpg) Google

Not even close.



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I just bought a rope on Amazon, it will delivered next monday I think. Having this shit around me in my apartment will be dangerous when I feel very bad (this happens often). But anyway I've gave it enough consideration and I'm pretty confident in saying that life is worthless. I know my death is going to strike very hard my "familly" and my "friends" but I regret nothing. This is going to be a punishment against them, and leaving this shitty boat is the wisest and most courageous thing I'll ever do in my life. There will be no suicide attempt, only a suicide. I'm going to leave no note, no message, nothing.

Just thinking about them breaking down into tears, thinking about all the persons who did reject and ignore me getting ravaged by a guilty conscience makes me shake in a sort of degenerated euphoria. Suicide is revenge on life and others. I was put into this shitty existence without consent and having to deal with subhumans throughout the day while being unable to truly connect with anyone. I was put here egoistically by my parents who refuses to give me happiness, leaving me alone in my shit while they're responsible about the life they created. So I'm going discard the cancerous thing they arbitrarily gave me: life. This is the most logical response to their contempt against me.

My mother will be the first to find my hanged body as she come to my apartment once a time every weeks. I only feel bad a bit for her, but even if she loves me this is only a maternal and impersonal love. She doesn't love my person, but her son, and I'm not this shitty body she gave me.

Killing myself is equal to killing the world, yes, I'm a retarded solipsist. I was thrown into a world that I must endure, that is myself, but doesn't look back after me. I'm being neglected by a part of myself that I can't control, and that is intolerable. Even you guys only exist trough my consciouness, I'm going to kill you all. Perhaps no one is going to feel bad then, since everything ends when I end.

I feel so fucking good right now after having articulated my thoughts. It feels so right, it feels so logical. If the world isn't my slave as it should've been, then the world has to be destroyed. I'll destroy it. I've never had much power over my existence to reach happiness, The only thing I can control is this tiny and retarded body, everything is so out of reach. But ending the root of evil is so easy when you think about it, it's like we were crafted Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The sad thing is my family won't even care that much. Sucks being raised by narcissists. I mean only my mom will be really hurt maybe my brother a little


> but even if she loves me this is only a maternal and impersonal love.

Jesus ouch. I guess no one ever loved"me"



Comments are mean makes me feel better that jp incels talk like that to everyone who blogs not just me


did not read don't care.

Just saying to anyone who thinks of suicide as a means of "punishing", "instilling guilt"…

That shit does not happen. Nobody gives to two shits about you. People with loving families, they will only mind your suicide for a while, and then just go on with their lives.

No one gives a shit. Get over it and kill yourself because of the emptiness, or don't.


Yeah whatever you need to cope your way out of being a pussy


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based conclusion op

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Just had the worst nightmare ever…
I dreamt that my name was Ţrevor A Richardson and I owned a gay jaypee spinoff site filled with teens and was also a bald incel wizard hybrid who refused to stream

Then I woke up…phew.


What h horrible dream


I'd stream if my dad didn't kidnap me…..

He"s forcing me how put my gas mask on now……


He could just get you to take a shower instead.



He's making me put the fart mask on now……..



File: 1600055577063.png (36.31 KB, 148x125, 78228.png) Google


If I don't see that crystal.cafe review soon mister Trover you can kiss your twitch donation goodbye

File: 1600027937637.png (12.3 MB, 3800x4800, 1599590487272.png) Google


get stepped on simp


Foot cuck


You've got it wrong. Simps wouldn't get stepped on, because that's a reward.

File: 1600048761305.png (712.06 KB, 750x1334, B79ACD1B-A41D-40F6-BD69-CD….png) Google


How do I ask her to sit on my face bros


Fuck off.


File: 1600049462517.png (288.31 KB, 750x1334, E0D64BE4-5D6E-4BB3-902D-FA….png) Google

What about her


>How are you


I know kill me I'm too autistic to have a conversation with anyone


This is not an incel support forum


It literally is though



It would be cool if Ron Paul banned all images and talk of women
I just don't want to think about them existing at all


Maybe you should go back to wizardchan.


nah go fuck yourself simp


Owned that soyboy!

File: 1600048658405.jpg (508.88 KB, 1128x1600, 17.jpg) Google


My stomach really hurt so I went to the bathroom and took a gigantic gnfos and now I feel much better.

File: 1600035151285.png (374.14 KB, 567x401, FD83F9A0-4CCF-4142-9791-5E….png) Google



hate that women with rins body type dont exist or rather they are not interested in a low smv guy like me

File: 1599984434794.mp4 (32.61 MB, 854x480, 1599982403392.mp4) Google


the gn girl


File: 1600024609679.mp4 (3.58 MB, 1280x720, 1600002546232.mp4) Google


how do you not have your suspension of disbelief immediately broken given that she streams and essentially talks to like a billion of people

I am too neurotic to even handle text messaging with handles, let alone voice chat, FUCK HER





Her accent is really weird

File: 1600035038397.jpeg (530.57 KB, 750x775, 3D9813D4-BF9B-46F2-87DE-1….jpeg) Google


File: 1600031687410.jpg (294.75 KB, 1280x1829, 1.jpg) Google


So this is why Ron Paul is always working…

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