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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Ron Paul only range banned me ironically he actually loves my phonepostinf blog threads duh



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Rate my mom


that's a bird



bird brain

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But what about the chunkers loli?

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I hate nice girls. Just exchanging pleasantries with them makes me curious, and texting each other makes me feel restless. If I get a call, for the rest of the day I'll keep checking my call history with a stupid grin on my face. But I know the truth. They're just being nice. Anyone nice to me is nice to others too, but I always find myself on the verge of forgetting that. If the truth is a cruel mistress, then a lie must be a nice girl. And so, niceness is a lie. I would always hold expectation. I would always misunderstand. At some point, I stopped hoping. An experienced loner never falls for the same trap twice. A lone warrior, surviving hundreds of battles. When it comes to losing, I'm the strongest. That's why, no matter what happens, I will always hate nice girls.


That's why you only interact with the Asian ones

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Did you make this?


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All me


money laundering

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Did you know that intelligent people often have silly hobbies such as collecting bottle caps and stuff? It's because they need a distraction from the intellectually demanding tasks that they do. So if someone tells you anime, manga or other 2d-related otaku thing is dumb don't care about it, they're just pretentious norms jealous of your superior intellect.


Cope retard

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I was gonna say that teen is gonna get D++'d so hard for the spam but jannymin beat me to the punch


Duck off of baby


You ruined this character

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norms being bullied on the internet is the best thing


What's the white coke Do


This woman fucks her dog.


Fuck women


why is she trying to hide her smile?

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Does Ron Paul have autism?
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I remember talking to a literal /b/tard on tiny chat in 2010 because I wanted to buy hallucinogens and he taught me how to buy btc and iIwas going to buy a lot but pussies out. Then again in December2012 I was going too put 1.5k of Obamabux financial aid into it for drugs but just got lazy. Luckily I realized in 2015 the potential and and all in. But in 2017 during the last bullrun I wanted to own 400k Link but my Jew brain thought btc would go higher and I wanted to still own eth and
more shut coins.

I waited the entire year in 2018 thinking it would go down and actually thought 6k sats was too high and now its line 70k SATs. Not to mention I sold a huge chunk of Link and btc this year in June and still want to kill myself over it


You and I could make 10K in a single month.
If only you applied you were near me.


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