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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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can you imagine?


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will you girls please just tell me how I can live life like a normal person even while being unattractive :(

I’m having a mental breakdown and i’ve been going through a deep depression these past few months. I’ve been depressed most my life but i’m at a point where I have simply just lost the will to live because my very happiness is tied to my appearance and it’s always a losing battle.

I’m in my mid 20s. I should have a job, I should be doing something with my life. But my hatred for myself has literally destroyed me. I’ve gone to therapy for years, i’ve tried medication. The problem is me.

There are plenty of unattractive people. Most people don’t look like models. They’re out there living their lives. They’re content. So wtf is wrong with me? I genuinely feel like I just don’t want to live if I have to do it with this face, with this body.

I’ve stopped caring for myself. I haven’t showered in over a month. I rarely brush my teeth. I don’t leave the house unless it’s to get food at night when it’s dark. I started out ugly but the lack of even basic self care has made me uglier.

I get angry when I have to see my face. I used to be able to do my makeup and at least feel confident enough to walk out into the world but I got so exhausted of having to sculpt a new face for myself every morning that I just shut down. I have no eyebrows, small shapeless eyes, no cheekbones, a long face, a wide nose…so you can imagine how long I have to spend on makeup.

And then there’s my ridiculously high hairline and large forehead. I’ve had so many comments in my life about my forehead that i’m traumatized, as stupid as that sounds. I’m black, I hate my hair (mostly my forehead) so I have to spend an extra hour just to get my wig right.

Too much effort required just to look decent when other girls just roll out of bed looking pretty.
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weekly reimdner


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i hate my life

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5 years after i quit wow and i still dream about it, still think about it
how do i let go?

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Back when I was 12-13 I got the phone number of this girl in class I liked and started texting her constantly. She didn't like me back and told me but I still escalated things and would send her obscene disgusting messages nearly every day. I must have been driving her crazy but she was always a good sport about it, I think she understood that I was just some dumb kid going through puberty. She would still respond to me and occasionally we'd text back and forth for a brief time.
If I had done that today it would have been plastered all over twittergramchatbook and my life would have been ruined forever. Probably arrested too.
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How do you know my name you fucking stalker creep


Dab on this beaner shitvor


Yikes I bet you're ESL too


I was in grade 2 what about it


What's 2 + 2 then? In ENGLISH



Sorry I didn't get taught how to say numbers past 3 because the private school figured that they could charge extra for every new number and my parents couldn't afford it


why is she so perfect


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Both Apple and Sony are worth more than Microsoft, retard. All MS has is Windows and no one even uses PCs anymore except for incels. Phones are Apple and Google, and laptops are 90 percent MacBooks, and even Chromebooks and Linux are taking over Windows.

MS is dead. Bill Gates was only using the company to make money for his population and global control agenda anyway, never really had any passion for it just stole everything from Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates stepped down in March because it has no use anymore.


BLM Invades the Suburbs, Shoot Whites Indiscriminately

They've finally come for the suburbs. In the whitest state. Mobbing vehicles then opening fire on passengers. What's next? When do we fight back?

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get jannied instanorm


The world will learn the truth about Israel in the 20s… and then, they will go full samson option(something they have warned they will do if the world ever learns the turth about their chutzpah), and billions will die.

Only the rich crypto millionaires able to afford bunker stay/transhumanist anti aging/tickets to mars will survive what's coming.

The 20s are gonna be epic, gnbros


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