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File: 1606979910221.jpg (53.72 KB, 512x512, 5FB72EDD936841A6A80E53C427….jpg) Google


I'm scared. We really are on the path to war. There is no going back. Will we even have any allies in what is to come or will we be slaughtered, then written as the enemies in history books.


This is how shit looked when I was a kid

File: 1606979749266.jpg (57.07 KB, 474x681, Bush_v_Gore.jpg) Google


Anyone know where I can bet on Trump as a burger

File: 1606978705589.jpg (11.36 KB, 250x201, 1DAC407F7BAE463EAB8FB743F3….jpg) Google


>in low 6 figures purgatory

Should I just kill myself

File: 1606977132039.png (15.18 KB, 432x360, 0.1cent.png) Google


How do I get in on it next time this happens

File: 1606976525101.png (221.15 KB, 400x300, 6C64D3E795284137B1E9878F80….png) Google



oh no, I am getting flashbacks about the war

File: 1606976698397.webm (3.3 MB, 888x500, 1606417634497.webm) Google


Once we leave $20K, there is no chance it will drop below $10K ever again.

File: 1606975695528.jpg (701.04 KB, 1260x845, 1606741207645.jpg) Google


Calm down

File: 1606975418705.jpg (209.06 KB, 1056x1500, 79792801_p0.jpg) Google


>been swinging BTC as a poorfag for hundreds of dollars a day, been ez lately
>BTC been looking strong like two days
>have money on the side but cant bring myself to buy a 19,000 dollar Bitcoin with my measly couple grand stack incase it dumps
>but if it breaks ATH it’ll run and I’ll miss it

FUCK bros I’m such a faggot retard. I have long term hodls but I was swinging BTC for fun and now I’m fucked. Swingies really get the rope. Will BTC dump again? There has to be another small dump before ATH r-right??

File: 1606961440679.jpg (42.34 KB, 720x711, 1606876529544.jpg) Google



An error has occured.
Wrong password…
Go back

- Tinyboard + vichan


oh nice! I was looking for this picture!


File: 1606975201966.png (439.83 KB, 448x671, -KWnIxx3M1WMNOtgXAtguCrjR7….png) Google


Wanna murder the retard on this site who told me not to go all in at 15k

File: 1606640925608.jpg (42.31 KB, 552x480, a9AvPoZ_700b.jpg) Google


Here's a possibly new schizo take, are nukes even real? Was Hiroshima real or was it faked by the globohomo elite? Now the world lives in terror of the US, Russia and any other country that is developing nukes, now there is a reason for globohomo to come to pass as it's the only way to ensure mutual destruction is never an option if we're all the same.
Think about it, there would have been some fucking insane guy who would have fired a nuke during the cold war or something, there's no way we have the technology to destroy the entire face of the world and it hasn't led to our own destruction despite existing almost a century now.
I think the fear of nukes has died down considerably since the cold war and because of that they needed a different big bad and that's why covid is being blown out of proportion, a disease with less than 1% kill rate and yet the world is shutting down? Bitch please. Nukes can destroy the world but no one has used them other than WW2 except in testing?
Bitch please.

Also they use TNT as a unit measurement, one megaton is equal to the force of a metric ton of TNT, ergo to produce the force of Hiroshima bomb you'd need 15 kilotons 15,000 kilos of TNT, which if the world governments worked together the Japs could have planted themselves if you wanna go full tin hat mode.


>Nukes can destroy the world but no one has used them other than WW2 except in testing?
that's exactly why they've only been used in testing dumbfuck copypaste


nukes are real just look at sodom and gomorrah


This guy was going to make nuclear holocaust a reality


I heard some theory that hiroshima/nagasaki were bombed by napalm, but I can't confirm that. Also jews sold the nuke designes to the ussr anyways.



how is it a crime though


how do you get caught faking a mental illness

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