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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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stream it helps me stay sane


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十 minutos.


kind of ironic how the word for jew in japanese is the cross they crucified jesus on


It comes from Chinese dumbass


Ron Paul please stream or I'll have nightmares


Please don't stream so this guy will have nightmares

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i never did a uniswap trade im so frustrated

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Totally safe and believable password (in plaintext).

Bravo, Hollywood.


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does this character have a dick? also it's awkward hearing a racist say "black piece of shit" instead of nigger

lame show




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I sense a boomer bullrun into Bitcoin. This is 2017 all over again but going to be even bigger.

Buy Bitcoin now. I was worried with inflation there might be another March crash but I think fuck it, I'm just gonna dump my fiat that I got from selling LINK at 4 dollars in June back into BTC.

Also XRP is literally the Rothschild banker kike coin so follow the money and you'll be rich. Crypto community is only against XRP because it's going to be used by the elite they are trying to escape from, but the billions of people on Earth are all going to use XRP when the governments tell them to so it will moon while the rest of crypto doesn't do much.

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is there a season one recap i can watch since i totally forget everything about a movie or show a few days after i watch it




holy shit
ota's never gonna live this one down

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post the one of the autistic girl with sunglasses sitting in the resturaunt

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Who is this SHAB?


she looks similar to the girl from soul eater. i only watched a few episodes in high school

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