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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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So this is what a t-less gnfos looks like


there's even a discord thread


where is he tho did the nigga finally roped

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Loved the manga but the end sucked..

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He's just copying me, I did the visit wyoming meme a few months ago.

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you got the travis scott burger right cactus jack sent you you dont want to let him down

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they banned me from crystal cafe bros…


have you ever considered being more likable there must be a reason youre kicked out of every community you step foot in

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>Quidditch game
>Dumbledore smiles
>”Oh well done, Slytherin! You caught the ball! SLYTHERIN WINS THE COMPETITION!”
>The audience erupted peko into cheers and claps peko. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked dejectedly at the ground.
>Harry looked up peko and saw Dumbledore continue to smile.
>“Oh, hold on to that ball a little longer, would you Draco?”
>The ball suddenly exploded peko, ripping peko Draco’s hand apart peko. Dumbledore laughed maniacally as he stretched his legs around the field and flung avada kevadras at each member of Slytherin. Meanwhile, Draco screamed in pain peko, clutching his mangled arm.
>Draco lost balance and fell off of his broom.
>He looked up peko at Dumbledore, who was standing over his body brandishing a 9 MM pistol peko obtained at Hogwart’s Armory
>“1 hollow point peko to Slytherin,” Dumbledore said calmly. He pulled peko the trigger.


File: 1597347698977.png (708.2 KB, 634x632, 1597322088578.png) Google

Childhood was thinking Draco bullied anyone. Adulthood was realizing that everyone else bullied him.


Adulthood is realizing that anyone sorted into Slitherin should have been killed on the spot peko





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why does it need a 1060 and 16gb of ram

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