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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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birdie thread
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Le oldfags unite!


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this was a pretty good 'nime


These aren't real quotes

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I've always been a neet but once I was told I had to give satanic Jew bankers half my crypto I became an anti state anarchist


Based, Fuck streamers.

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miku's butt is a bit pointy

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Bored, broke, between jobs, and bisexual……
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I've been saying I need a job for like 2 years now, it's not exactly a secret…..

I can't afford the NEET life anymore, I have to sellout my soul………


just remember if you spend 1 dollar, you can get a free kids meal at burger king
it's how I sustain myself


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I already used the dollar I got from the last stream…….


is twitch broken? i cant use the chat


nvm it was firefox

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Everyone is waiting for the FOMO. It’s not going to be like 2016. The big boys have come to play. They don’t FOMO. They dominate. The positions they take will be colonial. They have long time horizons and they are not buying bitcoin with paychecks. This bullrun will cause suicides. When dumbass traders realize what they had in their hands that they sold for a measly 2-3x. Working class wholecoins will start to be few and far between. Because buying a whole coin will require you to sell your house. This next 4 years is not just “the next cycle” it’s the next phase. Where governments will have to respond. Where criminals are going to step up their game. Where publicly declaring that you have a whole bitcoin could be dangerous to you and you’re family. This bull run is not going to be a retail FOMO extravaganza. This bull run is the beginning of the fall of fiat. This bull run will cement Satoshi’s white paper as one of the most important documents in human history.

There will be no 80% correction. There will be no fall from $300,000 to 50k.
Grayscale is not a weak hand. Microstrategy is not a weak hand. Fidelity is not a weak hand. The institutions that are buying bitcoin couldn’t give a shit about “when Lambo”. They get lambos for free. They control governments. People expect that hyperbitcoinization will occur with government adoption. companies that are and will buy in the next year, are the ones that have the governments in their pockets. There will be no 80% correction.

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if I hold my breath I can take a shower and pee at the same time

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The year is 2021. Covid has ravaged the planet.
Only 99.98% of us remain.



hA^ hA^ hA^


It's already over…


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konpeko konpeko konpeko ……………


What a shameless fucking trash can Trump is


Pelosi is coming for him


Based Mommy>>433416

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Pol thinks this if real

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