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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Support NEET Lives Matter

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that looks personnel


the webm looks so high quality from loading in thumb

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My headphones died so I'll have to play anime through my TV speakers, hope mom can't hear it…


Invite mom to watch anime with you. She'll have no interest if she thinks you'll be around forever but she'll spend time with you if she thinks seeing you is a limited thing.

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went to 4chan
it was shit

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>when Ron Paul says hes going to stream




well if animals are willing to eat it then it's probably healthy

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Florida and Texas are rising because they have a new strain with a higher mortality rate. It started in Brazil which is why Trump banned travel from there. The New York and Italy strain was different than China. The virus mutated it's not a conspiracy
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I mean average age for infection. The Brazil strain is the worst of all, much worse than Italy or NY, and it's spreading into southern states from south america.


theyre going to keep making it worse until you accept the new medical bio control normal. the "war on terror" meme died so this is the new control scheme and it's much more invasive.



Anyone remember that whistleblower anon very early on, who predicted the spread and everything that would happen, including that Italy would be the first country shut down and quarantined?

Remember he said the big fear behind the scenes was that the virus would get to brazil and reach "certain bat populations" there? Thus facilitating a mutation into something even far worse than what we're seeing now?

Yeah, I remember what that guy said.


lol this literally happens if you google event 201. people like Ron Paul are such normies who fall for the mind control. google is editing results too


My only regret is that I wasn't in a position to profit off of this.

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can't believe we're getting a stream today

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