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Just donated 100$ to Black Lives Matter
What good deed did you do today?


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Did you leave your bike unchained?



the network went down so my coworkers just chatted and played on their phones but I went to do other work that didn't require a network


I know OP is kidding, but the reality is that charity is a scam using a name that was already popular.


yeah donate to bail funds for rioters

i am pro riot because it's causing cops to resign and actually get charged for killing american citizens

if this wasn't racially controlled by the media pol would be all for it too


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Contrary to Noam Chomsky’s ideas, grammar has turned out to be related to the proximity of syntax within the brain and children acquire grammar the hard way, by crunching the numbers, while the English language appears to have two distinct grammars, one vague and one explicit, that compensate for rather high error rates. Roger Penrose's theory of quantum induced microwaves in the brain has received two experimental confirmations, and it appears that the brain becomes more quantum mechanical the deeper you go, as if literally going down the rabbit hole, suggesting that we possess both a vague and explicit grammar because everything expresses particle-wave duality, and grammar in intrinsic, suggesting consciousness is also intrinsic. Everything displaying particle-wave duality and vanishing down the rabbit hole, means consciousness could easily remain a mystery forever, because 42 is ultimately as good an answer as anyone will ever get, which is why theoretical physics has not made significant progress in over 40 years and each new astronomy headline contradicts the last.

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Think I'm gonna fucking sigh……….

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The NASDAQ is going to $3k.

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is she legal?


Not for you


no human being is illegal


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>if we do take a step back and look at the influenza model - in other words, does that tell us anything about what might be happening here, realizing this is a coronavirus and not influenza? We have never understood why, in previous influenza pandemics - and there have been 10 of them in the last 250 years - do you see cases occur in the first several months of what we call a first wave. And a wave being defined by peaks of cases and then literally a trough where cases, in a sense, almost disappear. We've seen that in all the previous influenza pandemics. That disappearance may last for two or three months and then we see a big second peak. We have no idea why the first peak occurred. We have no idea why they go away. We have no idea why it comes back. And then a second wave ends, too.

I think the OP picture is why this happens. The pandemic starts and scares people so they act carefully to stop the spread. This causes the trough. Then a few months later people relax and stop worrying about the virus. This allows the virus to spread again.

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is she legal?

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Shots Fired, 2020 is on like Donkey Kong

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