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The NASDAQ is going to $3k.

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is she legal?


Not for you


no human being is illegal


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>if we do take a step back and look at the influenza model - in other words, does that tell us anything about what might be happening here, realizing this is a coronavirus and not influenza? We have never understood why, in previous influenza pandemics - and there have been 10 of them in the last 250 years - do you see cases occur in the first several months of what we call a first wave. And a wave being defined by peaks of cases and then literally a trough where cases, in a sense, almost disappear. We've seen that in all the previous influenza pandemics. That disappearance may last for two or three months and then we see a big second peak. We have no idea why the first peak occurred. We have no idea why they go away. We have no idea why it comes back. And then a second wave ends, too.

I think the OP picture is why this happens. The pandemic starts and scares people so they act carefully to stop the spread. This causes the trough. Then a few months later people relax and stop worrying about the virus. This allows the virus to spread again.

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is she legal?

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Shots Fired, 2020 is on like Donkey Kong

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Women are regarded


Do you think shoeonhead is a virgin?


No she's engaged


probably to a pussy nigga


Only women think teenage boys cab be abused


All we have to do is spread this to BLM on Twitter and Instagram and we can get Joe to lose his Spotify deal. Let's fucking do this

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What is wrong with the American police force?


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Are water bottles violent protestors?


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There were several water bottle attacks that killed or badly injured cops over the past two weeks, any water bottle that is suspiciously abandoned in the middle of the street is disabled in a riot situation.

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I finally uninstalled this fucking dogshit ass garbage diarrhea dickcunt niggerfaggot donkey dung feces pile of shit "game" for good……

I also slit my wrists open and bled to death to make sure I can't ever install it again…….

I'm finally free…………


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>me stealing T's love interest


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ghotta cut again!

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