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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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clean your room!



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>In Japan since 1991 there has been a TV show called 初めてのおつかい. Children between 2 and 4 are sent on their first errands around town all alone but followed by many hidden cameras. A studio panel follows their progress and invariably everyone is crying by the time the kids make it back home.

IS this OK?



I live in japan, I see children, some of them incredibly young, alone riding the train. They often walk or ride the train alone to go to school. Its safe enough here to do that. Theres literally no niggers.

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Are your favorite 2hus training for the olympics?


File: 1592324557685.jpg (444.4 KB, 1582x2126, 1592241631931.jpg) Google

She likely wouldn't give a shit about them, like me.

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cute anime girl foots are so good


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File: 1592324548896.png (1.71 MB, 800x1196, 1592282126267.png) Google

I want to rub knife ears.


File: 1592324553070.jpg (695.59 KB, 2000x2500, 1592281349363.jpg) Google

i want to touch elven ears.

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Would you actually let a cute girl freeload in your home and laze about all day playing video games? Would you go to work to pay for me?

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Maybe, just maybe, her design isn't there to service your desire for looking at """cute""" girls. You can literally just play almost any game from Japan and you'll have your wish granted, but god forbid there's a game where you play as a somewhat realistic looking middle aged woman of average looks. It's not like there's a hundreds of games where you play as average looking middle aged or older men.

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>Mulitple indie developers are upset at the lack of a Steam Black Lives Matter statement, so much so that they've made the decision to remove their games from Valve's digital distribution platform entirely.
Fuck those racist pigs at Valve


I heard this on the radio today and I had to look up the live performance that I had seen before. That hand motion they make while singing ``hanabi'' is so iconic.


the audio is better in this studio version. They do several hand motions but the one they do while singing ``hanabi'' really reflects the way they sing the word. I feel like I'm listening to what a blooming flower looks like.

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My daily progress report……


File: 1592296716863.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, Hearthstone Screenshot 06-….png) Google

Nah, you guys will stream snipe me.


OBS crashed when I opened it.

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Buzzed driving is drunk driving


drunk driving is a chad move


well you probably deserved it

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>In 2017, Stanford University researchers presented a new device that mimics the brain's efficient and low-energy neural learning process. It was an artificial version of a synapse – the gap across which neurotransmitters travel to communicate between neurons – made from organic materials. In 2019, the researchers assembled nine of their artificial synapses together in an array, showing that they could be simultaneously programmed to mimic the parallel operation of the brain.

>Now, in a paper published June 15 in Nature Materials, they have tested the first biohybrid version of their artificial synapse and demonstrated that it can communicate with living cells. Future technologies stemming from this device could function by responding directly to chemical signals from the brain.


T-dawg get to the lab it's time to put both of your degrees to good use


File: 1592270310549.png (136.73 KB, 500x586, 1591973601637.png) Google



kidnap random chads and implant their brains with remote control artificial synapses that work with living cells then pilot them to fuck stacies and get off on the NTR


domestic terrorism is the last significant art form


>9 synapses
I'd like to see their budget, almost no way this is financially feasible for anything useful but it's really cool.



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