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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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post your "i got caught stealing threads from gn" face


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90% of gns can't solve this!
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How do you solve something when there's no problem


good job idiot, you broke china's foot when all the gold spilled out


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TL note: 待てコラ means chotto mate


It means Waiting Korra.


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Dragon Ball is a nice show
Did gn like it?

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It's assumed that to fund basic income it would mean scrapping a large amount of welfare programs. Far less military spending, and taxing mega-corps/ultra-rich more.

I've done my own math, to send $500 a month to 250 million people (rough adult population of America), it would cost 1.5 trillion a year.

Let's assume it's not true universal basic income, so social security beneficiaries, people on disability, the rich, prisoners, and other potential exceptions won't get it (or only receive it up to the point of being equal to theoretical basic income).

That's about ~90 million people less

So sending $500 to 160 million people every month only costs $960 billion a year.

$500 isn't enough to stop people from working but it means a world of difference to most Americans (who live paycheck to paycheck), and I think this wouldn't need to increase inflation or instability, if anything it might make the economy better by consumers having this extra money, and the greatly lessened criminal/health costs because of it.


Fine with me. Anyone who still makes bad money descions at that point are on their own.


With the way things are going niggers will probably be the only ones eligible for ubi


Only 1.5 trillion?

The entire US discretionary spending budget is less than that.

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ban this guy Ron Paul min NOW

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what is the philosophical implication of girls checking girl's bust sizes?

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funny faec

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I spilled your fucking food, gaylord

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do it trebor


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10 minutos


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do you mean it this time


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I can't move after completing this anime.

Looks like my Otaku Journey has at long last come to an end.
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So long gay zoomer


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i liked the hyouka version better


ron paul what are you using for thumbnail generation it looks great the thumbnails are better than the images on the anime pics


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very cute kid hiding being symbols why dont you get on your main account and post that to my face

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Happy Christmas!!

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I can see it
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I can see it


i dont get how her hairstyle works


In the past before, she entered the student council and has always worn her hair down without the iconic red ribbon. Later, when becoming closer to the Student Council and other pupils at her school she asks her maid Hayasaka to make her "cute". The ribbon is her attempt at making her hair less imposing. She is typically dressed in the Shuchi'in school uniform.


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I think he's saying it doesn't make sense how the bow is attached

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