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Religious people are so fucking stupid. It's as if people forgot about that when New Atheist fedoras took the stage for the biggest morons on the internet and figured that by contrast religious people were intelligent. No, they're both stupid as fuck.
Where can I find non-retarded religious folk to discuss theology with?


try the Vatican


Patriarch Kirill


There is no platform on which to have a proper discourse on anything because the human mind without fail follows predictable patterns, especially more obviously in groups. For instance the rational community which does not associate with religion nor atheism, it's poised to be the least biased placed for discussion but it ends up being a circlejerk obfuscated by thesaurus words where you can't question the beliefs of its chosen leaders or equivalent "holy" texts. If a group of people who are supposed to be using the most logically sounded, high-minded methods are reduced to the same shit flinging as ideological extremists in the religion debate world then there is no hope. Everyone is just out for themselves and try to find beliefs to latch onto that would make them feel the most righteous

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How do we solve the obesity epidemic


Limit the amount of sugar allowed in foods/beverages. I don't have the exact stats, but I recall that around 80% of all foods sold in the US have added sugars.


she was already fat


This but unironically

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Hello based department?


who cares, until the violent riots of november this is childsplay

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Working in an office is horrible and you're body will start to feel shit the moment you start. The headaches from staring at the computer monitor all day, back and neck pain from sitting in the same chair all day, stomach cramps from stress and repressed anger, I could go on. By the end of my last job, I was shitting at least 4 times a day and I have to be on medication just to deal with the cramps. Worst of all is the fact that cubicles are no longer a thing where I live, so dossing off is no longer viable either. Your supervisor has nothing better to do than make sure you're working, so all you can do is watch the clock and pray to God that you will die in your sleep. I'd happily live poor if it means I never have to experience that again.


dont kid yourself you do the same thing at home, just in bed instead or at your own desk


This pastor revealed a prophetic dream back in December about the world going into lockdown starting in March with riots starting in June.

His dream came true and now he just had another dream about a second wave beginning in September with riots intensifying all the way through to November.

Then in November, something major happens (likely reelection of Trump) which causes unprecedented riots that collapses the entire country in civil war.

RUSSIAN AND CHINESE TROOPS will be on American soil.

This is eerily very similar to the 1800's book by Ingersoll Lockwood: "The Last President" in which the last US president wins an election on Tuesday November 3rd which causes socialists and anarchists to burn down the country. The same author wrote the book "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey"

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>A cup will disappear in your life time




superior japanese steel folded 1000 times

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fucking magnets how do they work


By being magnetic

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Why do you keep coming back to this board


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There are no goode threads on here rn so I'm making one

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Why aren't you learning to code?

Literally everyone I know with a decent paycheck has had to learn it.

Not knowing to code in 2020 is like not knowing how to read and write. You're functionally illiterate for the modern world.


Javascript is not even a programming language. It's fucking garbage, just like everything else about programming. Programming sucks ass.

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im fucking bored and can't think of anything good to post

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