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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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is the boomer uprising finally happening?
first white power golfcart guy now these based boomers


Probably not these people barely know how to hold or aim a gun, they just have money to buy a gun and worry about their massive and expensive old house. Anyone looking for a fight with them could win unless they're the kind of retarded ape that goes out looting in the modern surveillance state anyways.


What's wrong with how the man is holding it


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Its in the twitter video where he puts on the strap and starts pointing it at people, but he acts like he's prepared to fire, but also doesn't properly have the gun up to his chest/shoulder, good way to have the gun fly up back behind yourself lol.
absolute retard way to lose control of a gun. Also just generally shiftiness in pointing it around constantly muzzle sweeping each other.
The woman also holds that pistol like that at people like that as if she's really gonna shoot. She'd fucking drop the damn thing, lol.
It's really not rocket science either that guns have kickback so it makes them look generally stupid too.
Also despite open carry being legal and protecting your property being legal, brandishing a weapon is still illegal in I think every state? but these 2 can likely afford very good lawyers even if they bought guns with no lessons

Also apparently this shit started because the mayor read the names and home addresses publicly of people who mailed her to defund their police which is kind of hilarious.


it has been forbidden to own full auto rifles since the 80s that thing he's holding won't yield much of a kickback


True but they've probably only been to an indoor range for 30 minutes so


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Both of these groups of fucking retards deserve each other.


say that when theyre on your doorstep


I just realized this is another russian psyop they are doing this to try and ridicule americans out of their 2nd amendment rights because they want to destroy the fundamental design of america


Apparently this started because the mayor listed the names and addresses of everyone that mailed her letters about defunding the police at a public meeting.
It's retards all the way down.


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BRUH i meant to post this xD


so Jew News said the protestors were literally just walking by not even targetting them, they were going to the mayor, but when they came out with guns they stopped and stayed

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