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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Glad she's contributing to the fight against autists.


that's so depressing, i'm still suicidal and disgusting and a human embarrassment but i'm not that sad i guess


what is fgc? fighting game club? fighting fgame chat? is there like one famous one? she's acting like it's "the" FGC



FGC stands for fighting game community. It just refers to the overall amount of nerds and dorks who play street fighter, tekken, and other games


in short, sweaty nerds who go out and meet up once or twice a week for "locals" where they play whatever games are popular where they live
I occasionally go down and play uni, bbcf, and koihime and they're nice enough, but I just don't enjoy social interaction enough to go regularly.


What a fucking attention whore. So desperate to join in on the metoo bullshit.


File: 1593619210520.jpg (19.11 KB, 364x280, cum.jpg) Google

“B-but she contacted Mike Z! She never told him to stop! The FGC needs to stop being such a bunch of simps!”

Keep defending scummy behavior and keep wondering why the FGC stays niche. Tired of the human garbage holding this community down.


hope she sees this bro


Grow up, creep.


I mean it's not like Mike Z said anything super reprehensible. Didn't solicit sex or go full incel shooter. Was just being a fedora-tipping autist. Honestly a lot less bad than that joke he made on stream, but everyone let that slide for some reason.

Though he might get away with it still because that fat fuck Mr. Wizard's situation has taken everyone's attention off Mike.



Mike Zaimont is the creator of skull girls and is generally notorious for constantly trying to get people to play his game despite people already owning it fun every humble bundle ever. He's a bit of a meme beyond that for steaming yandere dev and the constant comparisons of his own game to mvc2.


No tht wizard


File: 1593697208383.jpg (402.14 KB, 1232x1739, illust_71828612_20200702_0….jpg) Google

Really really fat guy who is the main organizer of evo.


Wish I was well versed in internet teen drama like that guy


Fighting games are worse than teens like in mmo's and discord. You have to have money and a car to get involved so it's all manbabies. Or you have to be a teenager actively being preyed upon for rides.


Lmao you accurately described what's happening in the smash community. A bunch of top players got exposed for being a peedoughfiles.
I bet all those guys go to himasugi.


what about the foid pedo


What did he do. Is evil cancelled now


She goes to Crystal cafe or someshit

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