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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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I was watching invadervie's stream today. Someone asked her what she thought of all the frogs. She said she's sorry that all the chemtrails are making them gay. That was really funny, she actually seems kind of cool.


i logged into my account to watch Ron Paul and i saw swomeone gave me a tier one sub to her for a month and it had expired, really weird cuz i dont remember sayying anything positive in her chat. she's a femdom bully that's why i would watch her, i want to be her sub


A sub would be cool because then you can talk to streamers more directly


xd it's funny because i meant bdsm sub. fuck off autistic simp, she is a fake ass bitch and you are a lonely virgin loser


If you time it correctly you can talk to them without a sub though


i want her to face fuck me with her foot and laugh at me and bully me


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stop playin


People do know it was industrial waste right? not chemtrails?
Because it was a real issue that was happening.


they are turning humans into trannies now, the frogs were a beta test you stupid norm


trannies are just a fetishist cult.
Hell they even recruit the same way cults used to, just catering to this generation's group of young lonely people.

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