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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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32 and never kissed or hugged a woman


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I'm 32 and I had sex with two virgins


The thought of having a girlfriend is completely alien to me. I simply cannot imagine it. Living with someone, having someone in my life every day. Someone to cuddle, someone to love, someone to share my life with.

Pure fantasy.

I am 42 now and never even kissed a girl or hold hands.

I don't understand how normies are able to do all those things.


both of the virgins were biological females
the first one was my Chinese otakette exgf and she bled when we first had sex but my second gf didn't bleed and she cried


32 and dry humped a woman even though I'm literally gay…


Good thing I Jack off all Day and awake up with boners


I think it's a little fucked up how I get passed over so hard by women.
Sure I'm not 6'6" and I don't have a moviestar jawline but fuck does that really mean I don't deserve any sort of affection in life? Assholes.


you can still get a top tier black gf who makes 70k a year the ones with college education really like white guys it's like reverse racism


Fuck off


>top tier


Same been groped and have groped woman they tend to like using gays as practice.

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