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I almost got rammed into in traffic today. Few minutes after the event when I arrived at the parking area near my home the road rager near-collisioneer was there. He had tailed me without me noticing and he honked at me to gain my attention. With the Driver side door open he then engaged in a passive aggressive rant from within his cabin and told me to get my eyes checked. He caught me bit off guard and I was wordless, only able to take in the sudden outburst, but luckily I was quick to notice he was a bespectacled balding nu male type human so I realized he was a gutless wimp and that he's just acting tough. I said "alright", turned around and walked away. I didn't hear any refutes behind me, just a car door shutting and him driving away, clearly still flustered.


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some old guy rear ended me a few months back but it didn't cause any damage
his wife said "looks good to me XD" before I even made it to the window and I just looked at her without any expression for a solid 3 seconds and then she got all worried and serious instead of just fucking around
if you stare at people, even for a second, it makes them uncomfortable and they'll second guess themselves and stop playing cards


I Drive


I Drive.

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