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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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I don't have it anymore.


this anime zucked

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Bored but too tired to do anything……


try sleeping


File: 1563057005323.jpg (106.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1445364618928.jpg) Google

Already did…..


what is she looking at? why isn't she reading?


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I've also permarangebanned people for posting un-spoilered degeneracy.

Your next submission better be you deleting that image before I have to log in and do it myself.


File: 1563045878813.png (Spoiler Image, 620.65 KB, 1382x881, ‎.png) Google

it's not that hardcore even…


he actually did it https://gnfos.com/bans.html


File: 1563046416349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.86 KB, 598x338, ss_e5f0f58f07ca6a1826615db….jpg) Google

fine I'll use spoilers……


How much of a pathetic beta do you have to be to want to be dominated by a female


>there are people who pay for ntr shit

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Video of T34 getting hit in Yemen, interesting that they still use them.
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Why would that make them say this?

Why would me being an atheist not make it vulgar?


Sexual repression is from semitic religions you fucking virgin


Based Jews.


Fucking retard the Bible is patriarchal propaganda sexual freedom liberates women


Unbased neo-Jew.


Jews are the same the Bible is for Jews and femininininism is for the goyim

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Reports are coming in.
There is no sign of intelligent life on this board.


File: 1563037817538.gif (2.56 MB, 480x480, 1562963676948.gif) Google


T is pretty smart for managing a board while being homeless


He doesn't even do that anymore since he reverse-hired a jannie.


TWO degrees TWO of them

File: 1563034691732.png (258 KB, 807x544, 50CFE3FC-5C65-4848-ABA4-F6….png) Google


will not be making it with ETH. it is still tremendously overvalued. the days of insane pumps for no basis are over. fundamentals count whereas they did not in 2017. funny thing is that ETH had more fundamental organic value in 2017 than it does today. in 2017 the #1 use case for ETH was ICOs. Purchasing ETH to participate in an ICO was the big deal in 2017. that created insane buy pressure on ETH even as its value skyrocketed. people still needed to buy eth to particpiate in ICOs whether ETH was $200 or $1000. people don't seem to get this and don't seem to understand that ETH's current over-inflated valuation is based on what it did in 2017 when ICOs were a thing for ETH.
>All of ETH's remaining use-cases combined cannot and will not generate even 1% of the buy pressure for ETH that ETH had during the speculative boom of 2017
…when everybody and their grandmother was buying ETH in order to trade it in for ICO tokens. That era is over. ETH is going to go down. It is literally a double-digit coin although I'd say it's true value is closer to 5-8 USD


what else did you expect? crypto is a made up currency with its value based on thin air


>"Speaking to the United States Congress, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, described Bitcoin as a store of value, “like digital gold.” He also acknowledged that it could replace the need for a currency reserve."

File: 1563034306473.jpeg (87.85 KB, 920x717, E75FAC98-DD42-421D-A550-1….jpeg) Google


Please end my abomination of a life

File: 1563006544438.jpeg (186.84 KB, 1080x1350, B55E4A04-AFED-4CEF-AD68-1….jpeg) Google


Rate my gf
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hot tanned girls mm-hmm good choice


You have to be 18 to post here.


I meant over 18….





Anarchists are the same as libertarians


Nice 4chan meme retard

File: 1563030228776.png (564.45 KB, 596x398, 1557770459586.png) Google


Are you alt right that means you live in a city that republicans avoid because they think its full of liberals but you tell other people that you have the same beliefs as those Republicans even though when they look at you they judge you as being a liberal


Should I buy this and get gender re-assignment surgery to assmr stream?

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