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its out
and it has all your favorites


off by 3

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Can't wait to stream Starfield…….
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that better just be a waiting room for the real stream


fuck lamey we hate lamey die lamey


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>game set on distant alien planets
>all of the foliage is literally just generic pine trees, ferns, and grass


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You guys ever think lamy doesn't actually love McDonald's?


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I can't believe he's gone, for real this time


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he'd never DARE stream over flare on his work laptop from the vacated cuckshed


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he's really gone isnt he?

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fake ass japanese bird cant even cook spaghetti

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I'm gonna get drunk I have sake

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dont following me to the library


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thou art being a little queer about this are you not

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I think Jeremy truly believes he’s the one who invented aliens.


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id fuck an alien

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Flare Zatsudan 21 Aug 2023 1/3

Holy shit I wrote about 80% of this then I made the genius move of spilling water all over my old ass laptop and it just died. But anyway did you guys know it's not that hard to write a zatsudanpost for a 3 hour zatsudan if you've already written almost all of the fucking thing once before?


Flare is using her old headset because her left ear is injured and she asks the audiophile elfriends for any recommendations for new headphones. Her current headset is the Sony Mdr-cd900st. Her main requirements are that there is little sound leakage, the sound is very clear and it's also comfortable and nice to wear for longer streams. And the way she injured her ear is that she just had a little incident while trying to clean her ear.

Flare has tried bone conduction earphones before but she doesn't like them since there is sound leakage and it's not good for recording or for watchalongs. In general she doesn't really want to use earphones. Flare wants to try Sennheiser headphones mostly because the name is German and therefore sounds cool. She has a Sennheiser mic but has never used their headphones.

>Bakatare Circus

There will be a video released on the BBQ they went on together so Flare won't talk about that too much.

Polka recently invited Bakatare Circus out to eat at a restaurant. They went to a nice, tucked-away cafe-like restaurant which Polka made the reservation for. They ordered the course meal but ended up eating a bunch of bread in between courses and got full halfway through, but in their defense the bread was very good, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Flare prefers it when the rice and the side dishes come separately over mixing everything together.

When ordering drinks, Fubuki and Polka wanted cold oolong tea. Flare accidentally ordered hot oolong tea for both though. She also got ice cocoa and later a jasmine tea and some juice. And meanwhile Watame was drinking tomato juice. Apparently many holos don't handle tomatoes very well but Watame was able to happily drink it. Polka also excitedly said "I want to try ice cocoa" but immediately deflated with a "Ah…it's ok…" when Flare offered hers. Fubuki and Polka also ended up liking the hot oolong tea a lot and ordered a second one, so Flare's pon mistake ended up being a new discovery for FubuPol.

Flare is vePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


During the nikisei-sankisei collab, Choco mentioned that she wanted to eat crab and Flare said she would go with her. They then went to a restaurant with some good crab dishes recommended by Choco. Flare likes crab but doesn't like crab miso because of the strong aftertaste. They also went out to eat yukke-don but unfortunately couldn't make it for closing time, so they settled for yakiniku instead.

Some time last year, Flare asked Choco to get a meal together and she is happy that she reached out that day. Apparently at some point Choco was troubled about asking Flare out and Flare told her that she could ask anytime and Flare will always go as long as her schedule allowed, and ever since then they hang out pretty often. Flare has never been on Choco and Lui's cooking show but she has been on Choco Cooking twice so far. Flare likes how Choco is always enthusiastic about hanging out, for example she will make plans to eat then immediately come back with some recommended restaurants to eat at. This kind of woman that takes the initiative is the kind that Flare looks up to.


Flare has been extremely into eating eggplants and green onion recently. She took a 2-day break recently and mostly ate a lot of eggplant during that time. She even sent a LINE message to Noel asking if she wanted to go eat eggplant, so now there are plans to go sometime soon. She also really likes how you can cook green onion many ways and season it many ways and it will still taste good.

>Splatoon (Ok look I wrote this once already, I'm not writing about Splatoon again. Check the archive if you want to hear her talk about this for like 10 minutes)

One year ago, if someone brought up Salmon Run (Splatoon PvE), the first holo that would come to mind would be Shirakami Fubuki. Korone was also into Splatoon but she would mostly play PvP. Flare herself didn't really get into Splatoon until a while after its release. When she started playing, she also really disliked playing PvE but eventually she learned to like it. She also has plans to hang out with Irys soon again.


Flare is currently slowly chipping away at writing messages to go with her merch. During downtimes such as at recordings or before meeting up with someone (because she is usually early), she will take some cards out and write a couple messPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Any questions? (part 2)
Flare's little brother calls the energy drink "ZONE" as "Zo-ne" (romaji) and she is worried for his IQ. Her mother has also been calling it that and it made her question reality when she went home and heard them say it so confidently.
Live2D 3.0? There are plans.
Do you use perfume? Sometimes.
HoloCure? If she isn't implemented with a bow then she'll play. Seriously though no plans yet. She doesn't actually hate bows though, it is just not a weapon she likes to use so she doesn't really want it to be attached to her character image. It's ok to draw fanart of her with one though.
Flare recently saw Miko's Soul Calibur stream had someone using a "Honey" avatar (Flare's Ranch Simulator character) and he turned out to be really good, she thought that was funny. It was a really well made character. It's actually been about 2+ weeks since Flare has touched Ranch Simulator, but she wonders what she has left to do in the game. She wants to play it again soon though but she didn't have that much time for solo streams. Suisei is actually interested in Ranch Simulator too but her time recently was taken up by the Minecraft Summer Festival.
Are you bad at doing the prefectures? Yes, Flare also can't really do memorisation and talk at the same time, so she probably can't do it on stream.

>Haunted house

Shiraken had been slowly working on the haunted house offstream. Suisei especially put a lot of effort into it. Flare originally thought of doing a Minecraft stream instead of this zatsudan but she decided against it since it would mostly be a hole-digging stream and most of the haunted house was not planned yet. Most of the blueprint was done by Suisei and Miko and Flare didn't really know much about it (Shiraken CEO btw). Flare didn't even know the Twitter hashtag for it. They once worked until the morning in a Discord call and some funny stuff did happen, like Suisei repeatedly having to rebuild the redstone circuits because water or a creeper destroyed them. They spent a while figuring out the correct brightness for the build overall.

>Minecraft test of courage event

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1693512043251.jpg (62.21 KB, 818x615, FtbxhYIaQAARnu6.jpg) Google

an elf getting an ear injury sounds really bad, I hope it doesnt get infected


wasnt choco at war with taiwan how old is this post

File: 1693502093918.jpg (60.27 KB, 1134x597, SUBtember2023BlgHdr_1200x6….jpg) Google


get ready for SUBtember the hype trains are coming


die twitch teens




Why are they still trying to push team fight tactics


Riotencent can't handle the fact that they lost to nublizz at their own game while paying all their employees twice as much

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File: 1693491336588.jpg (257.43 KB, 1536x2048, __komeiji_koishi_and_komei….jpg) Google

koishi blanco

File: 1693465612931.mp4 (1.23 MB, 720x1280, __2b_nier_and_2_more__6720….mp4) Google




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they're singing happy birthday


bau bau


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What a fucking….ughhhh….*paws touching own body*….ughhhh….fucking slut

File: 1693431034926.mp4 (24.93 MB, 720x1568, Senpai.mp4) Google



I love how you web gurus always use a VPN for these one-offs as if you're expecting to be banned for something.


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File: 1693299703822.jpg (242.77 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Okashi na Ten….jpg) Google




File: 1693299792838.jpg (113.21 KB, 702x1000, omae wa mou shinderu girl.jpg) Google

Did the fall season already start?

I stopped even looking at new anime like a year ago after at least checking every new season for 10 years


File: 1693430604757.mp4 (1.64 MB, 1130x1080, You're never Doggie of the….mp4) Google

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They're really putting that diablo money to good use


I'm GM3 on Soldier and GM1 on Zen.

I think they made the ranking system more stat based. They don't publicly announce this, but I'm consistently getting teams and opponents that match my kind of damage/stat numbers, what I think are "good" stats, and I've never seen that before in OW1 or earlier seasons, where you had some of the best players in the world in diamond.



File: 1693426680268.jpg (146.98 KB, 707x1000, sample-b7496a29a83a3135cde….jpg) Google

lui is really bad and towa trying to cope by letting botan die while she duels wrecking ball and mccree on healers really didn't help

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