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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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kill them

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Why haven't you joined yet?


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Found my wife there pic related 100% recommend



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He actually did it.



If the dr dude could controll time why didnt he wind it back at all, or stop it. like heck.


It's mkultra predictive programming for the coming plagues and wars


I still haven't watched this. Or even Bosch Peter or Thur Ragnar ok


If he stopped it there, there'd be no chance for captain marvel to swoop in and beat the purple man.

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hi Ron Paul


That feelio….


I'm sure he'll at least make it to 60 before his body gives up on him


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I think Ron Paul just tried to take the site back down again, but only took down gnfos.com/jp but not gnfos.com/jp/index or the front page?

idk, maybe someone linked the board on gaia or somewhere and hes just trying to block it


both links work for me


That's weird, maybe something with my cache is weird, guess ill clear it, ty.


It's here.


This is going to be the biggest flop of the year.


Can't believe they got that political, was expecting them to just skim over the controversy


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It's not

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imagine posting on gnfos


I can't, sorry

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一命霊先恋銊着, the heroine, Hikari, is bullied by a cat named Takahiko. When she tries to help a fellow student by sending her a katana for her, she is attacked by a group of people she didn't know. Takahiko tries to stop the cat in her path. While she is bullied, he tries to save her, but when a group gets on top of him and gets stuck with him, Takahiko accidentally stabs him so he goes into a coma and goes into some trouble with the police. He then tries making a plan to kill all the cat's friends in order to prevent his escape…

Gnome ni Ryou wo Hime ga Nenshi! Nenshi! Nenshi! is a romance novel based on an anime based on a popular romance novels. The protagonist Nenshi is a young girl named Nenshi. Her boyfriend, Kenyuu, lives with Nenshi and the story is set in the story of the same name in one of those cute girls series. Her first boyfriend is a beautiful but shy young girl named Nenshi. After his marriage to Nenshi ended, he meets a beautiful girl named Nenshi at the bar with whom he and her boyfriend live.

Voice acting by Masato Tetsui English by Naoko Ota Japanese by Ryokanazu (Aura)

I can't follow this plot at all…


did aqua get a haircut? she looks different


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something happened


She's a fire emblem girl now

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TIL new Zealand is next to Australia. All these years i thought lotr was filmed in Europe

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That's illegal.


if you were to raise her in your house and hide her from the rest of society would it really be illegal were you to marry her when she's an adult?


If you hid her yeah retard you can't marry a person that doesn't exist in the eyes of the state


pretend she's an immigrant and get her citizenship?


I'm gonna fuck you up if you don't shut your mouth.


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