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20 minutes………….
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1 week
I hope everyone pre-ordered


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Dumb bitch quit early……..


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I hate america so much


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murka btfo

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Is there anything worse in life than realizing you’re going bald?

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How do I stop going to the website crystal.cafe

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Kyle Odom was a smart autist who claimed he was being stalked by alien/demon beings who were camouflaged as normal people within the population. They harass him and drive him to near suicide.

It's some schizo shit who knows how much of what he experienced is actually legit. Here is a reading of his manifesto where he describes what he experienced:


Watch it, it's actually interesting (1.5x speed)

He claimed his pastor was one of them. He decided to take matters into his own hands, so he went and shot him. Pastor survived and he went to jail. Here is the news report



>Kyle Odom
>Kyle Odom
Never read anything about him, except in "The Law of One" and there was not much info about him in there.
But as to the reptilians: They do things.
Most everything they have done here on Earth is illegal, and they are going to be taken down soon, that is why they are scrambling in an attempt to build a legal defense for what they have done over the course of three thousand years, but let me just address your comments:
There are different ways that a reptilian can walk right through a crowd of Earth Humans without normal typical Earthlings realizing that a reptilian is there among them, and one of those ways is shape shifting, some of the reptilians can do that.
The illuminati cabal imitates the reptilians. The sorts of things illuminati do has been made public recently, but way back in the 1990's an illuminati gave an interview and exposed a lot of stuff. She was talking about the same things back then as folks are talking about today. As a child she was abused just like the CIA's MKULTRA program and standard illuminati operations, but she is a Redheaded Psychic (that is a special DNA lineage here on Earth) and they had always intended to use her to conduct rituals for the reptilians and the illuminati. For a while the illuminati lost control of her because her handler died, and that is when she came forward and gave this one long interview:
(Everyone that manages to listen to her statements will learn some really weird disturbing and freaky stuff. This interview is as /x/ as it gets.)

Psychic satanic witch for the top illuminati
Interviewed by David Icke


me experience psychosis me shoot

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who shaves her

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What in the fuck is a Yontendo……

And here I thought that doogie shit was dumb, now they go and pull this bs………


It's a pun. Nintendo. Yontendo. I thought you was smart.


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What the hell is this dumb cunt doing……..

Jesus this show is dumb……..


Yontendo has been cannon since the first 15 seconds of the first episode.
Maybe you've had that terminal eye cancer for longer than previously thought.


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It's a shitty pun. If some dumbass called Toonami Fournami I'd break their spine in half……….


haha good one


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How crazy would it be if this book in the ED was actually the doogie book?

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Women are like this?


Yes. all of them are

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Why the fuck did I just have a 40 minute interview with 3 PhD executives? I'm surely not worth 2 hours of their pay.

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30 years old
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boy that nose is massive


how is she still alive


dead eyes


Lookin comfy


look at that room she's the real eleeto neeto


Imagine being 30 with a barren womb and still working teenjobs

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I'm literally going to be dead before years' end and nobody even gives a shit……..

Why was I born just to suffer pointlessly………
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Are you really dying? Sad if true.


Maybe you shouldn't sit in the dark so much it's really unhealthy.


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happy satokos are good
sad satokos are bad


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he could have just joined the military bootcamp age limit is 39

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