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They literally sent the tallest female amazon out to interview him and made sure the camera panned his full body with her in closer range.
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It blew up on social media before the Jews made it even more parabolic


You actually think social media is free of their control?


It went viral organically everyone was laughing at him the Jew media picked up on it after the fact cuz it fit well with their programming


Thats how things are in the natural world. Don't like it? Then don't preach about natural selection in reference to dating.

Yeah until a few incels from the tribe down the river get together and decide to bludgeon the Chad to death while he's squatting in the bushes.
And yes, that is exactly what happened and crazy enough is what we have to thank for having civilization today.

Nice cherrypicking of some random motivational speakers, who are always married to some disabled guy to better virtue signal. You might as well post the guy who has no arms and legs while you're at it.
Some of you wk types are just so out of touch with everything, all the evidence in the world shows women strongly prefer men over 6 feet but you'll pretend that manlets get an equal chance because that goes against your just world philosophy. Then you grow out of it like the other guy in this thread and shrug your shoulders while doing the appeal to nature thing.


TFW 5"11" 3/4 barefoot but tons of guys shorter than me say they're six foot.

I still made it right????


The natural world is mob justice.

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Bored and gay…….


Take frilly skirt pics of yourself.


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Peak fertility is like 27-30


Abo having another breakdown sigh if its not you its some other schizo.


Feel pretty good that I started the schizo meme


Disliked it


>ypipo think this is pretty


im not white and i think she's pretty. also black men will rank every average white girl as a 10/10 goddess

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pic related are considered (((scientists)))
>”as a (((scientist)))” is their favourite way of saying “as an authority”

"‘For fear–that is the feeling which is inherited and fundamental in the human being; in fear lies the explanation of everything, original sin as well as original virtue.

Out of fear grew also my virtue, which is called: science. ‘Fear of wild beasts has been bred into humans the longest–including fear of the beast they harbour within themselves and fear:–Zarathustra calls it “the inner beast”. ‘This long and ancient fear, finally become refined, spiritual, intellectual–today, it seems to me, it is called: science.’–"


That sounds like something that idiot Neetzshe would come up with.

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File: 1562880778329.jpg (150.53 KB, 531x678, 1562877924143.jpg) Google


OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES! Where are you stinkies? Stinkers have been getting AWFULLY quiet as of late! Please remind us about that Google partnership and how these large conglomerates have bent the knee? Tell us more about how your stinky asset is like the oil of all the blockchains! You picked the color of your new Lambo yet, stinky? O-oh what was that? The dev teams are dumping on you now that Coinbase has gone stinky? Sirgay is getting cold hard cash in return for your stinkers? Oh no no no no no no no no…..



i saw this thread a few days ago and new it was a gnbro, i wans't sure if it was tbag


I want to fug smug nico so fucking bad bros holy shit
Just imagine her smelly vinegar feet, she's so bratty she would probably make you smell them, maybe even kiss them, fuck nico yazawa holy shit


none of them replied lol they must be still grieving

File: 1562883197879.png (359.42 KB, 701x629, 1562794069641.png) Google



dude touhou memes lol



I know, it's for idiots

File: 1562874868531.jpg (129.56 KB, 1280x720, 1562792804836.jpg) Google


why does the quality of threads on here jump wildly from 0/10 to 10/10?
why don't the 0's get cleaned up?(USER WAS DEMOTED TO JANNIE FOR THIS POST)
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he wouldn't delete zombie girl in a million years


because the admin is a coprophile

I mean, just look at your names


Nice now you can clean up yourself


im afraid to log in to my jannie account


Clean it up


you can be a janitor while I be a mod
speaking of which clean up on page 1

File: 1562881189630.jpg (82.43 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] UchiMusume ….jpg) Google


tired gn poster



File: 1562886030354.jpg (51.92 KB, 540x764, 1560604701754.jpg) Google


my entire existence is a bad joke. should i just end it and stop the pain

File: 1562885273986.jpg (31.68 KB, 384x402, 1365609809267.jpg) Google


"Have sex"
Be me 31
40k€ assets
living at home
So i just met a fat ugly ass total awkward bitch "roastie" on the internet , we never met before (I wish i had). And i say fuck it i just wanna lose this virgin stuff
So we meet in a hilbilly village in the middle of nowhere.
She hops in my car , we immediateley start kissing (probably a mistake from my side )
She wants to suck my cock , i let her.
She is basically so good at sucking i come deep down her throat and she swallows all.
Expects second round of me (oh boyyy ) i waped my dick clean and round with my shirt and my willy is half way erect i barely fit the condom.
Start penetrating her , and after 5 minutes of fucking i "pretend" that i come pulling out and thank god it was dark hours outside i did put the condom somewhere else in a bag so she doesnt see nothing of a cum LOL. jesus christ i think i just barely penetrated her but at least im not a virgin anymore.
How i feel about what happened:
after i did drive away 5 kilometers i stopped and did put a ton load of disinfectant liquid in my face with water and my hands jesus christ.
My feelings at that moment:
I feel like a Npc
Feeling Dirty
Feeling empty
Feel like i just got raped
kinda worried that i somehow made her preggo
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ban LOL


it's not, this guy just had a bad experience. people who have great sex know it's literally the best human experience

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