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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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time is more valuable than money


Yeah on eBay all power is with the buyer so it's no risk really.
Just hard to hunt these listings and if you care about wasting time.


It normally doesn't take paypal an hour to process something which is the longest time investment. Fake listings like this one rarely get to the point where the refund isn't automatic.


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Speaking of which.


Sounds like you're an expert on being scammed.


I'm scammed out of 3-5 minutes of my time every couple months, and in return I sometimes save hundreds of dollars.

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I live here now.

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merorin was here, you guys are faggots

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can zoomers even afford 4k pc gaming?


Yeah I don't get it either. I mean, as long as you're running the game at the monitors native resolution it's going to look sharp. Higher resolutions on a monitor of the same size will just make everything look smaller, and you're always so close to the screen that a 24 inch fills your entire central vision and then some, so there's really no point in getting a bigger monitor either, which would benefit from a higher resolution. So what's the point?


Did you get a 2080?


Why are you replying to a 6 months ago thread? Are you retarded?


Because I want closure?

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the internet.
very serious business.


it's all the jews fault


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File: 1552566459860.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 448x800, 043 [Hanayo Koizumi] (got ….mp4) Google


Any bonbi otaku here?


is that molk?


File: 1552569606598.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.57 MB, 540x960, 176 [GUMI] (begin with a s….mp4) Google

But like 15 years younger LMAO!


damn milk is like 30 now


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I love Bonbi, I made Instagram and TikTok accounts just to follow her.

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the lan evo can't be beat

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Literally me.


did he sniff her



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Can you even remember your life as a toddler?




Dropped this anime on episode 5




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hell yeah

we're back, boys


now we just need to bring back sage




saging is rude


you know, disabling sage is a pretty smart thing
because it discourages you to respond to bad threads

the only problem is that every thread is inherently bad on gn though…..

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Delete /gnfos/


dont worry he will """delete""" the site in 6 months when hes starving for attention

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