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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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Ohio jp


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This is the system our founding fathers fought and did for

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the prettiest and most loved girl in the whole wide world, jang wonyoung


chinks are ugly, get your head checked


make love


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T no longer reads my comments in chat…
time to kill myself…
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bad feel


I dont even have twitch account. I can watch streams without one so theres no fucking reason to make one.




half of the fun was tts, the other half of the fun was the ota review.
unsubscribed, if you ban me for this post ill also report you to twitch for bigotry since im asian.


My mother is Jewish so I identify as a Jew. I am convinced there is zero bigotry in his streams and they generally do a good job at following tos. It's your word against mine pajeet.


This thread is pure cringe, this is why teenbros shouldn't be allowed to post.


eat a dick

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Your brain is identical to that of a girl's. Normal males don't care about celebrity gossip.


im a masochist who wants a mommy gf to take care of me and a mentally ill sub who only likes dominant girls and has bipolar BPD breakdowns on the jpsphere every other day and pretty much everyone on the internet assumes im a girl

great detective work sherlock

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john brick

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Hot off the presses!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




clickbait don't reply


lmso holy shit Ron Paulgay btfo

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I drew an image today as well.
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• two sets of irises
• eyelids seem to have grown into the eyes
• head poorly reattached after an accident
• inoperable head tumour
• severe shoulder dystrophy


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After all of this effort of mine… Perhaps one image a day is not enough, I should have to redouble my efforts.


I already told you a while ago just learn the freaking basics. You are making this harder than it has to be.


It's not about how much you draw, it's about how long you manage to stick to your new routine. Just half an hour a day will do. Don't burn yourself out in the beginning. As long as you draw every day and actively try to improve, you'll eventually see results.


Looking better, keep up the good work!


art is the language of your soul

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Truly this will go down as one of the greatest written series in television history.


Bitch my name is coi leray


Don't support this game please, they pulled it from the Epic Store after Epic took a price cut to preorder it.


Who gives a shit about epic store lol


Put your wallet where your ethics are. We shouldn't support this behavior, so let's boycott.


I like VMTB and that's all I care about, I couldn't care less about some gay publishing war


You aren't a kid anymore, you have to be involved in the stuff behind the curtain. What this corporation did was unethical, and we should not be giving our mindshare to this game or paying money for it. We can build a better tomorrow.

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