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Hearing that extra footstep again…


It me xD




*prays in oyashiro-sama*


Everyone, help me in sliding the "review" thread off the front page.

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Guess there was a bit of truth to "You think you do, but you don't"


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Most of the people on classic private servers right now are old players. I think that most people who got in beta are just newer players. It will be really fun when it first comes out, but will be abandonded in 3 months. I for one will be rushing to 60 and then ganking everyone.




the funny part too is that this is 1.12, which is practically bc lite
they're skipping some of the really weird patches like the one where you could fit in wand hits between every cast.
Also it lowers the amount of dumb exploitable stuff they might have to deal with, and lowers the amount of abilities with 30min-1hr cd's.

It's kind of unfortunate though, if they wanted to give a real vanilla experience I think they should've progressed through the patches, but I get not wanting people to see the state some classes were in before the class patches, and how much even more crazily op rogues were in early vanilla.
Granted 1.0 was the best prot pally ever was in vanilla since kings as a 31 point talent was the only way you were ever playing as prot.


also the you think you do, but you don't was probably about the financial aspect of the game.
I really do agree with >>348072 that vanilla will probably be huge for 3 months then fall off the face of the planet after the holidays.

I just hope that it does well enough to see a good xpac like wrath, bc, or mop get a server.

Also now that I think about it, there probably are some xpacs that would be represented better by their last patch being the active one, granted some xpacs have full spec or class reworks in the middle of them like wrath or legion.


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Dont @ me




direction pedophiles


Who knew it could be so simple


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What's the point of blocking a site when you can unblock it anytime you want


Yeah it's fucking retarded


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jong when


This is bullying




Fuck yeah


Why does a movie from 30 years ago have better cgi than movies today


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Fucking based./our guy/telling it like it is!

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>i dont care anymore!
>watches every new episode religiously
>I just want to see how it ends :3

When youre watching on the day that it airs just remember when you said you don't care.

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Fast food breakfast is as trash as it gets



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