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Oh laaawd


that thing is quite big




very big and dare i say fluffy.

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How can I become this manly?

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how do you cope with being a colossal failure and time being merciless and only killing more of the little potential you have for your life to begin?

is it with nihilism? like, nothing means anything therefore i don't mean anything and i don't matter and am literally an irrelevant speck of nothingness in the grand scheme of the universe and my conscious existence itself is just an unintended byproduct of evolution that will repair itself in another 100k years when we stop existing again and nature goes back to doing what it does?


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It says Ted ed channel so its associated with them.


kinda like you're mom lmao




omg hahahahahaha
u made bruh??


Not really I'm just confused??????


Yeah when I was homeless I got really sick FIVE times. I never get sick and haven't since then. It was because of lack of sleep if I ever slept three hours straight it was a rare occurrence and the one time I did while sick I felt so much better after

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rare captured video of otamin



That's a lot of bacon

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>When you think about it, it's kinda funny how chimps actually have their own sort of smart contracts in their everyday life, right? Jaime, why don't you pull up that video of the chimps negotiating smart contracts. It's craaaaaaaaaaazy.


Did this really happen

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stop now

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I never understood why soldiers expect their wives to not cheat on them. They're gone for a year plus, expecting the wife to raise the kids alone. It's not like they're even making good money for that sacrifice, they're just sitting in an airconditioned tent, preparing to die for Israel or something. If you wanna be a soldier, fine, but don't get married till you're done in the military, and if you do don't get mad if you end up raising another guys kid for 18 years lol.
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okay 5 middle eastern incels the fact is you take morals from some hairy hebrew people


You take morals from anime and Hollywood which is even more retarded


That's based though.


Hollywood is run by Hebrews except they think of you as cattle and mkultra you to how they want and you take it hook line and sinker


Shut the fuck up retard.


Truth makes you angry huh incel maybe your should have sex

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Guys I think Chainlink dumped because of me. After listening to the Rogan/Jones podcast I thought I might try my luck with the aliens/demons (it's definitely demons) and try to get something out of them about Chainlink or maybe they can move the price up or give me more info. So I went onto a polish darknet forum for all kinds of shit and they had a magic board as well, I bought some Ayahuasca as one poster recommended, it's a strong hallucinogen and taps into very deep, primitive parts of your brain where you're supposedly connected to forces from before our time. So I took it, did one ancient persian ritual and one modernist satanic in my garden and I had to throw up, was anxious but also kind of paralyzed at the same time. I fell asleep after a couple of hours of being, not unconscious, but subconscious in some form. I heard my mom crying, she's been dead for 6 years. I have to admit only negative things happened since. Sometimes birds fly against my big glass door, in that night 3 birds crashed and died at that door. I keep hearing very subtle scratching noises from below my room but everytime I check… nothing. In general, animals around my house have been very anxious and active at night. And now Chainlink is dumping, it's gotten so bad I'm at my brother's house right now because I told him I'm feeling weird and he knows that asking questions isn't appropriate. The worst thing is every time I close my eyes I see mom bleeding from her face, help me guys..


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lol didnt read


What is she doing!?


Eating shit


Uuhh I'm pretty sure anigirls don't eat shit.

File: 1562750267581.gif (688.9 KB, 500x281, Misc 74748.gif) Google


Dont let me catch ya, cuz I'll just wrap ya up and eat ya later hehehehe


Please stop


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