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touhou if it western


very naisu


very epiku


i rike it


File: 1701290133932.jpg (205.64 KB, 867x881, Frens.jpg) Google


when will Ron Paul ban all the non blue archive garbage

Youtube thumbnail


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File: 1701256228238.png (1.06 MB, 1000x800, 1529075090895.png) Google


To think they had to ban cute long skirts because of concealed weapon paranoia


File: 1701265629177.jpg (96.75 KB, 1280x896, baraag_110226236496082337_….jpg) Google


Youtube thumbnail


why the power gap?


She's standing 6ft away because of COVID

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We tried to analyze the content of the website but we failed. It may mean a temporary technical error, that the site is not active, there is no content, or that the website is actively blocking our efforts to analyze the information it is offering. As we analyze more than 2 million websites every month we recommend caution. Extra research to determine if this website is legit or a scam is recommended.
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File: 1701282551619.png (86.7 KB, 800x639, 1688339211348.png) Google

>troon archive


File: 1701282673090.png (125.83 KB, 655x831, 1688521623401036.png) Google

>aryan archive


File: 1701283188475.jpg (10.84 KB, 197x250, bvzc1.jpg) Google

forgot to mention that i'm a registered sex offender and i look like this btw if that matters


File: 1701285594409.mp4 (252.86 KB, 640x552, toradora-taiga.mp4) Google


Just found these two AI channels that produce hundreds of videos a week of AI-generated bullshit.

Youtube pays to store this crap lol, on top of the 1.4 billion jeets uploading random shit with no views from their Android phone every day.


File: 1701285659502.jpg (1.27 MB, 4904x2826, 1559777987880.jpg) Google


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File: 1701278605727.jpg (3.5 MB, 3541x5016, illust_110424730_20230731_….jpg) Google


Company Evaluation

The owner of the website is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners. Some website owners therefor chose to hide their contact details. However, it can also be misused by scammers. Our algorithm gives a high rating if the identity of the website owner is shown.

Webshop Evaluation

In our Analysis we always check the Tranco ranking. In this case it was low. A low Tranco ranking means that the website has relatively few visitors. For a new website this is logical. The same is true for a highly specialized website. However if the website claims to be a large corporate or popular site, than warning flags should be raised.

We discovered that the domain of this website has been registered several years ago. Websites of scammers are usually very new. Still, you have to be careful. Scammers nowadays also buy old and existing websites to start their malpractice. Checking a website for other scam signals remains essential.

Technical Evaluation

We always check which other websites are registered by the same company the website is using. In this case we discovered that the registrar is facilitating a high number of websites that have a low to very low review score. This may be a coincidence but it may also be caused by lax "Know your customer" processes at the domain registration bureau. The trust score of the website has been reduced.

We found a valid SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate is used to secure communication between your computer and the website. There are different levels of SSL certification. A free one is also available and this one is used by online scammers. Still, not having an SSL certificate is worse than having one, especially if you have to enter your contact details.

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thats it the site is going down


and nothing of value was lost


honestly it's for the best this place should've faded away a long time ago


File: 1695226349964.jpg (81.59 KB, 500x696, 1695093744714684.jpg) Google

Gay niggers from outer space has actually been quite good lately


if only..


File: 1701277629866.jpg (95.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1698512486104406.jpg) Google

File: 1701274266903.png (452.46 KB, 624x667, 1701252704128188.png) Google


Sorry for loving my fans


i forgive her

File: 1700686755696.png (184.6 KB, 858x623, nottu dissu shittu again.png) Google

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Ota is down.

It's over for real this time isn't it.
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File: 1701212175651.jpg (313.8 KB, 699x1000, c1349dd7803fb34b79c1d94de1….jpg) Google

Nov 28 17:49:43 wired Tor[372242]: We tried for 15 seconds to connect to 'ota-ch.com' using exit $849626A2A3DD1364E8C51423D6F3213A3AE16FFD~OnionsHaveLayers [a/nCQ4ARaxl6tef98dpq3l/3tRTrNsJ6UL6e8Ou9jNs] at Retrying on a new circuit.

Stop lying


I've kept an ota tab open for the past few days it's set on auto refresh every 5 minutes. One of these days…


File: 1701213640755.png (90.72 KB, 300x100, 1373995783638.png) Google

I closed it today…


Kinda okay if it doesn't come back, getting the historic last post ever feels good enough that it's worth the loss.


How ironic that the top thread on ota was the one that was stolen from me on gnfos.



Youtube thumbnail


Youtube thumbnail




File: 1701248086025.jpg (348.49 KB, 826x1023, __ako_blue_archive_drawn_b….jpg) Google


I never liked /ota/ anyway.


File: 1701253986251.jpg (167.12 KB, 1272x1272, 6fe35270fd5efe3e74a101a663….jpg) Google


File: 1701254553656.jpg (723.87 KB, 1536x1065, oatmeal 1621899200400.jpg) Google


File: 1701255583205.jpg (299.91 KB, 1920x1200, minori 1563174158918.jpg) Google

File: 1700982468009.gif (554.39 KB, 500x375, 1700589909652.gif) Google


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File: 1701163603561.webm (4.97 MB, 960x540, 1683443204785.webm) Google

just post the whole thing this isn't ota


File: 1701187938768.jpg (280.32 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-Tengoku.Daimakyo.S01E0….jpg) Google

>Nooooooo I'm gay don't touch me


File: 1701188005813.jpg (224.94 KB, 1081x1080, 1697424901101.jpg) Google

>sage doesn't work


I dont get it and theres no subs


fuck off you retarded niggersd


says the middle eastern esl roach

File: 1701230201073.jpg (135.31 KB, 750x1200, 1701218828902.jpg) Google


ota classic


Remember that one nen poster who got pissed about this Homura artist


i fucking hate them too
they make tons and tons of their garbage shit so it gets flooded everywhere

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