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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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If you're a fan of JRPGs, basically every franchise that existed on PS4, vita, and 3ds are being funneled into the switch. But if you only care about Mario then yeah the switch isn't worth it


When the new Pokemon comes out I might buy one.


When Persona 5 comes out, then you have a point.


the switch version will have a femc


which reminds me, Why the fuck is Persona Q2 coming on 3ds and not switch? the fuck kind of retarded shit is that?


glitchy n shit

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What do you think? Worth $1 $9 or $15?



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How to stop aging


I'm assuming you're a woman because men actually benefit with age, so kys


File: 1553131771684.jpg (72.67 KB, 421x422, Disgusted.jpg) Google

keep telling yourself that when youre balding and fat


also pretty boy men like me do not benefit from age look at robert pattinson


holy shit nigga are you comparing yourself to robert pattinson? he's still pretty masculine for a "pretty boy" and i bet his jawline could slice you in half




her nose became pointier lmao

File: 1553143283260.jpg (60.74 KB, 795x999, 1553066665563.jpg) Google




File: 1553133780602.jpg (67.67 KB, 1280x720, bald degenerate.jpg) Google


Imagine being Ron Paul LMAOOOOOOOOOOO


holy shit


oh god, what a poor soul…


why doesn't he just shave it?



i'm not gonna spoil myself like i did for DS/DS3/BB


File: 1553133127088.png (344.93 KB, 668x392, miku.png) Google



what's this

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Everytime I wake up I want to die
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Gee een ef ou es



make a suicide pact with me. i don't wanna die alone


I don't have the courage to actually do it, not yet at least, maybe I'll do it when my parents die and I'm homeless


you missed the train everyone killed themselves years ago


am i really trapped here

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Should I make the twitch emote the /qa/ girl or bawson?
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Why would zoomers watch some old geezer wizard play it when there's a million other zoomers with pink hair doing it? I doubt he wants zoomers in the channel in the first place.


yeah litrerally me, that's why i don't cook and just eat junk food and take supps and vitamins to compensate


I make enough to live alone but after much deliberation I decided the reduction in living standards wasn't worth it and the thought of living with strangers moving around the house and doing things and leaving their germs everywhere sounds awful so I decided to stay with mom.


its good to be exposed to germs it strengthens your immune system


Yeah, and stabbing yourself will strengthen you with hardened scars in place of soft skin.


are you saying being exposed to germs will make me ugly

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File: 1553114257615.jpg (250.76 KB, 1410x1428, 1521259744620.jpg) Google


T you fuckung faggot I didn't know you swing that way…



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File: 1533985567500.jpeg (59.47 KB, 520x347, 1533914693717.jpeg) Google


How should I kill myself
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take as much medicine as you can and go to bed


it's just a complicated game


I could've lived for a decade even if I sold back in January 18


You can live for the rest of your life if you just get a real job


im pretty sure i will get fired from some lowest tier fast food or other minimum wage job because the anxiety will make me act literally retarded


i dont want to be a slave rat race drone to saturn and have my soul harvested anyway


In order:

1. Central banking
2. Corporate personhood
3. Female political empowerment

Prove me wrong.
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I think three should be democracy.


>comparing queens of an age long gone to a modern day woman


Social networks
Job interviews


Women should be killed tbh


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