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>Sighing is generally regarded as a symptom of abnormal or dysregulated breathing since normal breathing in healthy subjects is regular or periodic (i.e., without sighing).

>Sighing Is Actually a Life-Saving Reflex

My body cares more about me than I do


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>he doesn't post on kissu.moe


So scary


making occasional piss threads always cheers me up

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TFW neuroplasticity has closed your brain and you're no longer able to learn or change as a person

30 really is the suicide age isn't it


Aren't you happy with living with your current self? You've got enough memories to look back upon in the next 50-60 years with a smile, right?


The regret is literally driving me info psychosis

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clean up this board janny

File: 1558873716470.webm (2.78 MB, 1920x796, SS Rifka Lodeizen in Verd….webm) Google




what happens next

File: 1558871099219.jpg (2.78 MB, 2362x2598, ZZC 0918.jpg) Google



I thought you promised you'd only post girls in elegant clothing from now on…military clothes are too loose and unfeminine, it doesn't look appealing


But none of them are wearing trousers…


They still look like boys!!

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I wish I was that chair


what the FUCK


i literally just noticed she pissed herself and i made this thread


Boy oh boy !


>Ow my back!


the thing we do for live


This is a trans person


Posted by a 4chan person, who should return.

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What are you thoughts on the Dead or Alive series?
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4am GNFOS is primetime GNFOS


Don't you know about timezones?


happy to see tshit either broke or fixed the height limit when clicking on images


Yeah gnfos is better on my iPhone now🥰


it's still night no matter how you look at it


there needs to be a new illusion game with graphics like this
im tired of anime rendering like cm3d and artificial academy

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>play in a chess tournament
>opponent moves in with bishop putting my king in check
>move my knight, leaving my king still in check
>"you can't do that, your king is still under threat."
>lean over the table "Fuck the king."
>whole church hall goes quiet
>get asked to leave
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>guy says hitler is the most horrible murderer who ever lived
>ask how many people he killed
>"uhh, I don't think he ever personally killed anyone, but-"


at Burger King
>my poopdick pride whopper order has too much ketchup
>whisper “fuck the king”


>ex asks if she can come over cause bf is being abusive
>tell her she can
>”thanks anon, I really needed to be with someone safe”
>”there’s no safety you dumb bitch”
>fuck her bloody


>Watching the Summer Olympics.
>Sister come visits, says she missed the main 100m dash event on the way and ask me about how the french white guy did.
>"He ran. Not very fast.

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