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The population of England in 1348 was 4,810,000 while the population of France in 1345 was 20,200,000. Hmmm.
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You literally linked a paid article you obviously couldn't read and that was before Muhammed even existed you retarded incel genetic failure

Holy fuck how stupid are you. Islam and Christianity are both spin offs of Judaism you are a literal crypto kike by your own logic

Read some actual history or religion origins you stupid fuck Israel isn't that powerful you will die a virgin because you are low iq and ugly and boring not because Jews lol



How is this on FB I'm going to report it


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good goy


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In 1400 England goes to 2,080,000 and France goes to 16,600,000. Because of the plague.

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When I die put that bottle in my hand it was my only friend


dude i can see them


look away freak pedo


i literally can't

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I love her smile so much bros


Shes not smiling you autistic you misinterpret cues


she's obviously smiling I think you might be the one with the 'tism

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There is something strange looming on the human horizon. If you draw a graph of all our consciousness, there is a point we seem to be heading towards.


Shut the fuck up


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As I understand, or as I hallucinate conceptual space, nearly all form in conceptual space is language, I might even say all the form in non-conceptual space is language, I’m not even sure of what the difference between physical space and conceptual space is anymore, in the interface. All form is language. The forms that we see, or imagine, or perceive, or whatever it is Remote Viewers are doing, in conceptual space are mindforms made from language, and by language I also mean images, sounds. We dress these basic ideas in language we can understand. Sometimes there are sizable errors of translation.


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A lot of conspiracy theorists, they find it comforting, secretly. The idea of the Illuminati and the CIA and whoever controlling our lives and destinies. You know, because that means that at least someone is in control, at least someone is at the steering wheel. And it’s not a runaway train. Paranoia is a security blanket, a massive security blanket. Whereas I think that yes these people do try to have an influence, and they often do have a very big influence, the CIA’s unique method of funding its wars over the last thirty years has contributed to the crippling drug problems of most of the Western world. So, yes they have an effect. Do they control our destinies? No, they don’t. They are nowhere near that powerful or organised. Does anything human control our destinies? No. Does this mean that God does? No, for all I know, God might just be a simple, two-line, iterative equation, with no more awareness of itself than that.


can you pls not


We are all the aggregate of the ideas about us, including our own ideas about us. That is all that any of us can be considered as – units of information in a sea of information. When you get to a certain point, there is not much more to it than information.

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play fighter


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>playing games with delay based netcode in 2019




this thread desteratly needs AMERICANIZATIION


Not even the best Halo tune.


this is

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shinji was a beta cuck who deserved to be killed
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He's a literal cuck


Shinji got cucked hard by ryoji


Go cuck yourself


>hurrrr why does a 14 y/o feel overwhelmed when asked to save the world from giant otherwordly creatures xDDDDDDDD

normies are fucking stupid


Why do you talk like that


He should Have Sex

File: 1562691584965.png (7.41 KB, 314x133, ‎‎.png) Google


Stopped reading there


Have sex


have you ever met an incel who never took part in online communities around it

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rife….rife is beautiful…

File: 1562666305473.jpeg (220.84 KB, 720x712, 99F18119-C021-41C6-A284-8….jpeg) Google


6am… Time to sleep….

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dont do that




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I unironically did forget.

Probably for the best.


Its never too late to start the review



That's a big one


I actually learned a lot about our people in this vid


based shakespeare

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