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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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SPREAD THIS. He's trying to save anime!
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I would not actually want the money going to Japanese studios anyway. Western anime fans are horrid and a western company would pander to them, this western company having influence over Japanese anime studios would not be a good thing.


Who are they real ones


me i get paid a seven figure salary to study otaku nerds to help destroy everything they like


File: 1536708148570.png (314.17 KB, 454x604, 1526916739901.png) Google

Are you telling me people actually PAY to watch anime……?


Duh? How else would anime producers be able to suevive…


Imagine a world where anime was being produced for it's artistic merit…..

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File: 1536619506919.png (164.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180910-184339.png) Google


Holy fuck what. I haven't actually looked at prices until just now

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File: 1536593033283.jpg (36.83 KB, 800x800, illust_70153878_20180910_0….jpg) Google

I mean he has the other gimmick, when he's depressed such as you covered he posts short haired blondes, but when he's being haughty and overly self important and condescending he posts KYH or other long haired classically beautiful girls.


This was the first song i listened to the 30 second sample on itunes when it first came out i used to think it was the hardest shit ever


get in here boomer bros


What type of loser listens go rob zombie lmao




Dig through the bitches and slang through the riches and burn through the bitches of take it onnnnnnn

File: 1536605611975.jpeg (74.24 KB, 640x480, 80F8C219-A7E3-4223-B598-9….jpeg) Google



File: 1536610791341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.95 KB, 392x220, 1840824.jpg) Google

File: 1536605012104.png (1.19 MB, 1107x1200, 1536597097936.png) Google




File: 1536598357146.jpeg (417.1 KB, 600x2272, 02C450C1-6C16-430C-93A2-7….jpeg) Google


Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. And they cast lots to divide her garments.

File: 1536399861996.flac (21.68 MB, Yoko Kanno & Hajime Mizog….flac)


I miss Yoko Kanno.
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File: 1536400716684.flac (32.89 MB, Yoko Kanno & Hajime Mizog….flac)


File: 1536400766376.mp3 (5.67 MB, Ghost In The Shell - Stand….mp3)


File: 1536401155211.flac (16.05 MB, Yoko Kanno - Escaflowne -….flac)


File: 1536401432840.mp3 (10.4 MB, STAND ALONE COMPLEX O.S.T ….mp3)

I miss Engrish songs.


Is Escaflowne actually good or does it just have a 10/10 soundtrack?


Really like this one.

File: 1536578673933.jpeg (107.87 KB, 1025x716, BA5F7F3A-3E01-434E-8E32-F….jpeg) Google


File: 1536479143942.jpg (144.43 KB, 1000x1403, __chinatsu_original_drawn_….jpg) Google


This site is so kafkaesque.


No it's not


I never read that book so i would not know.


Surprised anyone still posts here.




File: 1536550940591.jpg (382.87 KB, 1200x1500, 1406762044760.jpg) Google


we want you in here you believe in magic dont you https://discord.gg/mtkxvjr

File: 1536529968188.webm (2.87 MB, 1280x720, 1536513338645.webm) Google


defend this


I keep seeing that bitch in my yt suggestions


File: 1536530304849.png (2.31 MB, 1464x2048, 1536502800064.png) Google


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