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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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File: 1555949089005.jpg (108.85 KB, 1132x714, [HorribleSubs] Zombieland ….jpg) Google

I'm literally broke so no.

It's not my fault this shitty game is built on spaghetti code.


You should host NeoTokyo instead, it's a free source mod so everyone can play it and it's set in Japan


good stream yesterday, man
can't wait for today's.



File: 1555956571959.jpg (378.47 KB, 720x720, 1543025063695.jpg) Google

Just use a stolen inactive MC account.

Also it's back up.


Lads, we should do this on 9b9t!

File: 1557963241833.jpg (220.81 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Strike Witc….jpg) Google


Anyone else know this feel


I doubt anyone on /gn/ has been in the army


I'm at war with the world


Fucking retard



nice face value thinker

File: 1557987332212.png (161.42 KB, 750x1334, 82F1820A-9620-43C4-8762-46….png) Google


When you're so ugly tinder tells you to upload better pics


It's telling you looks don't matter, it's all about the story you fabricate around yourself, anyway go back idiot.

File: 1557985932609.jpg (709.68 KB, 2208x2070, 1557965704263.jpg) Google


Play Soul Calibur VI.


game sucks


File: 1557986333240.png (1.61 MB, 1684x1920, FE Lucina 002.png) Google

But Lucina is from Fire Emblem.

File: 1557965934046.jpeg (175.28 KB, 500x608, 4C7B2509-5E73-4A2E-B7D5-D….jpeg) Google


It's fucking happening



File: 1557958361785.jpeg (475.31 KB, 1079x1128, B6241C54-F6F7-4F3A-931C-F….jpeg) Google



File: 1557949234836.png (292.61 KB, 600x510, __nagato_kantai_collection….png) Google


>China trade war
>Iran nuclear war
>NK launching rockets
>crypto figuratively rocketing

So this is how the world ends.
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What does that mean


the jews


File: 1557955052080.png (23.47 KB, 808x893, untitled.png) Google

its happening bros its absolutely happening born too early to explore the world born just in time for the world to implode the poles are shifting yellowstone ready to erupt asteroid on its way this is it i cant wait i was born to witness divine retribution


I'm autistic


The last game of thrones episode was Kabbalah magic predictive programming I saw this vision in 2001

File: 1557954265558.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1021x1343, FAEA7AFF-4F1D-45FF-A874-D….jpeg) Google


I look the same in Snapchat Chad mode


File: 1557954862212.gif (836.52 KB, 500x281, 1483335249495.gif) Google

They hired a foid and stuck her in my cramped office with me I keep thinking about humping her even though she doesn't say a word to me because I'm incel this is so stupid I wish I was castrated without the health problems that come along with it


How old are you

File: 1557947794477.png (3.53 MB, 2000x2533, 1469157919436.png) Google


Don't forget you're not supposed to stream tonight. I've already made certain appointments for the evening.


Can't you reschedule your masturbation session for later….?


File: 1557949643397.jpg (2.63 KB, 100x100, 1556484781779.jpg) Google

I do what I want when I want.


File: 1557949731504.png (Spoiler Image, 637.94 KB, 850x791, 1519343398688.png) Google

terrible misunderstanding


dont stream

File: 1557953849451.png (150.03 KB, 680x680, D037B1DE-E3A2-4A86-8E4F-91….png) Google


File: 1557929746177.png (318.18 KB, 631x560, nukes.png) Google


It's happening


WW3 NEEDS to happen



Damn they're still doing that? Well at least it will make crypto go up

File: 1557948659940.jpeg (176.38 KB, 597x960, 5E743FEA-7049-4859-A8DF-0….jpeg) Google


Ron Paul was in my dream eating zebra cakes

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