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virus dont click


>pls help us play our cat's medical bills
>check out my latest amiibo
Priorities… Just like Ronnie Paul…


30 year old "asexual" whore


>12 year old
>renal kidney failure
>have to [force] feed her
>she doesn’t deserve to be in this much pain.
It's time to say goodbye…

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Is this T-san?
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You're kidding right? Kasparov was beaten by Deep Blue already in 1997.


Why would I know that information incel?


It's common knowledge.


It looks like indians only care about shit and curry, huh?


Why is a spic so obsessed with pajeets?


Battle of who can smell the shittest.

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guess which board this is

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the /jp/ dream


Murder me


murder him


God I wish that was me


God I wish that was him


Imagine the smell



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Is it possible to be sexually amused by a woman

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And another thing, why were Arya and the hound stopped by Northern siege lines? This implies that somehow, even though there was only two of them, they left first and they were both on horse back the entire northern army reached Kings landing before them.


And how come the Iron isle navy destroys Dany's entire fleet and captures her advisor yet everybody else is okay? And then why does the fleet sit in harbour doing nothing and enables the enemy to keep using sea transports?


Yeah it's full of lazy writing all around, you just know they want the series to be over with


Yeah I got the vibe too like they don't care abd want to get it over with to move on to Star wars. I wish HBO gave it to someone else after season 4


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they had the chance to make a woman leader,to fix the mistake USA did in 2016 but no,they went for "LE WHITE MAN GOOD,WOMAN BAD"

im tired of this orange world

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whoa Ron Paul was right about needing 100 followers for cc privileges


I posted here to laugh at you


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Drogon vs the mountain


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