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its crazy how even in japan otaku are looked down upon


not really




What's crazy about it?

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how do i a dommy mommy gf to take care of me and make me her 24/7 sex slave


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be a cute shota



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the real reason why Ron Paul no longer drives


Fucking chibks


I don't think he did it on purpose, he probably couldn't see the kids from his seat.


noooooooooooo we are playing in a total inappropriate place yet it's the drivers fault for running over us


noooooooooooo drivers are supposed to have superhuman vision


First you want to rape kids now you want to murder them? Reported to all law enforcement in the world.

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Fucking dumbfuck teen. People didn't develop secondhand smoking symptoms until 20+ years of constant smoke exposure, your pussy faggot zoomer water vapor is as dangerous as the chemicals sprayed on carpetting and furniture.




Yeah. Your house is full of poison, retard.


waht do ido fuck


Kill yourself before the pesticides do, you're already leaking shit


Holy shit bro you're fucked you're gonna be constipated the rest of your life


its so freaking synchronicity weird i was just thinking in the car today about how i used to believe the mind was separate from the body and the body was a vessel for the mind but how now i realize that the mind literally is the body you are your body your brain is part of your body looks ARE personality and if anything the mind is just a vessel for the body, and then i was watching this while eating chiptole and penn literally said the exact same thing i was thinking, about how he used to think the mind was over matter and separate from the body and the body was just a vehicle for the mind and he believed this his entire life until he became a health freak and how different his personality and emotional state and view of the world was after that

thought that was pretty cool like how your subconscious thoughts attract similar minded people. like the reason you are an incel on an anime forum of toxic mean bully loser failures at life is because that's how your thought process is and you are attracting similar people to it


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that's so depressing


imagine being the autistic OP retard and thinking someone is gonna read that gay as FUCK boring wall of text


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File: 1567261392948.jpg (210.22 KB, 900x706, rats.jpg) Google


I've been working on a site you guys should check out, help a fellow neet out
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Wow, that sounds a lot like /jp/.


There are no namefags or avatar users here besides t, but that's just because he's a massive attention whore.


Yeah the jp steam chat never happened neither the million namefags.


Not everyone is in that teen chat you know…


Thankfully most of these people fucked off.


Pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore, or it became the what schizos hangout.

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I unironically shit myself while playing and I got logged out while cleaning up the mess so now I'm stuck in queue.

This may be my lowest point yet……




Imagine if you were streaming.


I think you're lying but I actually shat myself a few days ago thinking it was a fart but it was a shart. My underwear was soaked. Then I washed that underwear with all my laundry and they all have a weird smell now.It smells kind of like fish oil maybe I shouldn't take so much.


ayy amerimutts


I wonder why amerisharts shit themselves so much? Must be all the fast food they eat.

File: 1567259570477.jpg (23.11 KB, 307x327, mommy.jpg) Google


im tard


me to


Sigh with me tard Bros


im tard im tard im flippin tard

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Spent my entire birthday just playing WoW by myself…

What am I doing with my life……
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Bitch you'll be shivering for days after I'm done with you


Don't you feel shame for being a homosexual


Okay now I'm really going to do it


Would you like the feel of a man's beard when your dick is sucked


Pretty boys don't have beards stupid


I have one right now

File: 1567271454590.jpeg (63.28 KB, 616x318, 4DA56FD9-3E28-437F-8625-2….jpeg) Google


I hate myself

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