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I hate myself

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ronnie please come play eve with me, all my guild members left to play wow classic and i'm all alone now


please respond ;_;


He has been playing wow for 10 hours straight or so

I doubt he's gonna drop it to play eve with you


He was gone fur life 18 hours


pls respond ronnie ;_;


Why do people still think it's the moral thing to give women rights?
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You're not really right although I get your point.
Married women vote at the same parties their husbands do.
Unmarried women vote overwhelmingly left/socialist for the reason that their husband is the state. Women are incapable of any truly independent thought.

Also what the other guy is not wrong, it's right. Wages went way down after giving women rights, because you're dealing with twice as much workforce. It's the worst time in history to be an incel. Simple supply and demand.


I think you should get a tutor or at least write in simpler sentences. Otherwise, don't bother at all.


>Vote for the same parties
>at the same parties
which would imply the other kind of a party, not a political one.
Weird, why would I write this down I don't know.
any man can make a mistake, doesn't mean I should get a tutor faggot.




literally this


There is absolutely no benefit to women having rights. It’s been less than 150 years since we allowed women to vote and in that short time they have ruined everything we’ve let them touch

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Is World of Warcraft really that fun?


It might be a bit with friends and if you have a lot of free time.
But honestly? Nope. It's just addictive, it's made to ruin people's life. Most WoW addicts will tell you they don't really like the game.


It was probably kind of fun a decade ago. MMORPG is an outdated genre in general.

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Who are you


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Kill me I'm too old to be a boy toy slave to an older woman cuz I'm their age now

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2009 was 10 years ago

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"oh god please make it stop" - t-dawg whenever somebody posts on his site


Does Ron Paul masturbate


shut up

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— Boy, he's making me all wet down there.
— Yeah I didn't know otaku guys were so hot.


Me when I meet the exchange students

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