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Jong #41324
60 second thinking time for checking the rule books




File: 1557724364077.jpg (380.21 KB, 1709x922, ss (2019-05-13 at 01.12.23….jpg) Google


Help me report this propaganda video, /gn/.

It's going to result in billions of cases of terminal autism if unstopped.


File: 1557690475483.jpeg (27.25 KB, 750x120, 41E77CB0-BDEA-4843-BD0B-7….jpeg) Google

Is measles the only vaccine they give kids? Don't think so. There's other pointless ones they give you And you can vaccinate them but you need to give them detox healthy stuff to combat the Mercury and other poison


it's too late, I'm already a sperg

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You should get enough sleep before work.

File: 1557712576279.png (105.34 KB, 250x273, a2a1b58e9c658c5e3dd877ddd5….png) Google



no im not autistic


No I am autistic.

File: 1557693138521.jpeg (495.88 KB, 1125x1600, 291007C5-2F38-4DB8-BC12-8….jpeg) Google


I can't live with this


Me on the bottom right


I can


But you are still alive so you must be able to.



File: 1557695245245.jpeg (159.7 KB, 1199x1296, 14EB36FB-AF93-4605-8A89-D….jpeg) Google


What a fucking loser


I want to scream


Old ugly boring poor dumb loser


Are you talking about me?


Wow, that's rude. We could be friends, you're attacking me before you even get to know me!!

File: 1557693678432.jpg (129.02 KB, 1280x720, 1429469248404.jpg) Google


Do little girls not realize how lewd they look in their short shorts and tank tops?


would if they could

File: 1557691089932.png (329.87 KB, 599x502, 26C6310F-AA77-4FD7-A550-D7….png) Google


I have given so much in my life and I am ready to experience what it feels like to receive. My experience on this planet has only been giving and that can not continue.


OK, bend over


Sexist incel

File: 1557682694954.png (285.63 KB, 1233x925, SqExejn.png) Google


Why doesn't Ron Paul just become a fortnite champ and rake in the cash


he's too old and busted to play FPS games


Disrespect is 37


no, his persona is 37


Playing videogames isn't physically demanding, there are athletes still playing in their 30s and you think you can't be good at videogames in your 30s?


Have you seen what happens to people who are good videogames after 30? Speedrunners.

File: 1557637522976.png (398.34 KB, 640x703, hamster.png) Google


milk got a hamster and Ron Paul started playing hamtaro it's a sign
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>open Ron Pauls stream thing for the first time
>he's streaming some female twitch streamer streaming
>close the stream

wow, so this is the kind of garbage you guys regularly watch


Go back to /mlp/


But he hated Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak.


Gross isn't she like 30 now


wonder what brigs is up to

File: 1557685686709.jpg (44.02 KB, 450x644, 50b.jpg) Google


rate this


It's like muckle shmarshpellars on steroids

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