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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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I can't even think


It's coming Frens!
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Maybe, I hope this isn't so. I think they will just try to emulate the first season.


Please kill me I can't take the pain


Do it yourself.


Fuck off


Now now, is that anyway to talk to somebody who you want to kill you?


Fuck you

File: 1535904132073.png (991.53 KB, 837x822, 1532144855432.png) Google


I can't live anymore I have too much regret


Yet you still live.


Help me if I kill myself I'll fall and be in worse pain


Only cowards fail, are you a coward?


Yeah I am

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My stubbornness makes me really stupid


Perhaps it is your stupidity that makes you feel really stubborn.


Smart people are beta pushovers

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I feel like killing myself
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About what?


What it takes to be me


You are an insect to me, why should I spare a thought over such trivial things?


Life is bigger than you


It both is and at the same time it is not. No matter the size of the world as a whole, the world of the individual is only as big as himself.



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My car is full of ants help


any insight there is obviously lost by the creator being dumb enough to put think tanks that high


Just vacuum the car?

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Terraria is a single player game where everyone gets onto a server to pretend as if their interactions have any influence on other players


This is one part the fault of the game for not having a good trading system built into it so that people can specialize as traders, alchemists and explorers and one part that the group of people who like to play treat it like Monsterhunter instead of Runescape


The only thing I know about Terraria is that there are no Helicopters in it.


terraria's just plain boring
it's literally just mine shit, craft better pickaxe so you could mine better shit, and then craft even better pickaxe so you could mine even betterer shit
it got dull after like 15 hours
at least in minecraft, even if it's mechanically simpler you can at least spend hundreds of hours just building castles and stuff


Exactly. Even the fights are tedious as hell, at lesst minecraft is 3D so you can do more than just placing tiles

File: 1535856456980.webm (2.57 MB, 720x720, 1535844586031.webm) Google




Looks fun.



excuse me?


I think he is implying you are a non playable character which is funny considering one could easily right a script to post exactly like he does, he is the most NPC like poster on the spin-offs.


prove it


Create 50 phrases with some kind of variation on wanting to die, not feeling happy, wanting help etc. Have it so every hour one of those is chosen along with a random anime image and a thread crated from these. That is 90% of your threads, the remaining 10% could be made up through reposting articles or headlines from articles from some kind of America new site.

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is life really worth living if you weren't born rich? By the time you have earned it yourself your penis would barely be working and you would be bald.


Why do you want to be rich?




What freedom is it you want?


Uhh just use your money to make your penis work and grow new hair?
Like, duh!



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wish i had someone to talk to when i'm below rock bottom




I do and it doesn't make me feel any better.


Don't post Akko.

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