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File: 1562295664636.png (1.18 MB, 1100x1350, __hikari_and_homura_xenobl….png) Google


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File: 1562304430002.jpg (2.29 MB, 1684x2381, __homura_xenoblade_series_….jpg) Google

Hana and Nia are probably cuter though


File: 1562304980828.jpg (108.98 KB, 1024x1024, FB_IMG_1559802997510.jpg) Google

i got xenoblade but haven't played it much
last time i played i used scuba diving stuff to farm gold for like 2 hours and got bored and stopped playing
actually bought it with nia in mind but pyra/homura is no my favorite

ever since i got to the island and she followed me/rex around everywhere i liked her the most


*now my favorite


I have XB2 but I haven't played it yet. Well I played for a few minutes. I'll get into it soon


File: 1562359119431.png (559.18 KB, 723x1023, illust_66717911_20190705_1….png) Google

Quickly decide if you like Hana js, jk, or jd more


the big one

File: 1562354080644.jpg (85.6 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Araburu Kis….jpg) Google


>ota teens
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That looks retarded and will get your underwear soiled, I just pull my dick out


Oh shit I'm sorry


File: 1562358992521.jpg (197.06 KB, 567x568, 1561153407275.jpg) Google

How do I masterbate properly? I just touch myself in bed and wet my pants then clean them the next day but it's gross. Do I need to wash my hanss before touching my pe is?
Honest questions.


My dick has become curved from masturbating so much as a teenager. Is there any way to reverse this?


You're meant to wash before and after, you're also mean to use or non-dominant hand to prevent injury. They're other things you are mean to do but I won't get into that because it will cause a shitstorm here.
It can be done but its complicated, ask a doctor.


Aren't there benefits to having a curved penis?

File: 1562359557782.gif (1.21 MB, 316x178, tenor(2).gif) Google


File: 1562351099756.jpg (106.53 KB, 1280x720, ‎‎.jpg) Google


>Tonight's forecast…

imagine living in america


imagine living in norway and being a manlet beta cuck with no chin


Did Ron Paul finally snap?


>Drive Times

File: 1562352666572.jpg (92.31 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] UchiMusume ….jpg) Google


This doesn't really seem like the appropriate facial expression immediately after burying your father…

God nips suck at writing……


We need girls to be pretty. They can't be if they're frowning


This is why I mainly watch anime from 1998 or earlier.




File: 1562355665608.gif (1.78 MB, 498x358, midnight eye goku.gif) Google

Guess you can't handle what goes on in the elitism thunderdome.


maybe if the child is mentally handicapped.

File: 1562201454006.png (724.64 KB, 800x800, 1547809215105.png) Google


Starting to accept that I was actually born stupid and will always be a useless retard Jeb tier cuck who should kill himself before it gets worse.

I guess this is the final blackpill for me. Sayonora, /jp/spies.
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So long, faggot.




poured one out for my boy




stop bumping this you fucking idiot


rip schizobro

File: 1562352566675.png (188.64 KB, 715x841, 1562348006479.png) Google


File: 1562257865484.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x1836, 20190704_121015.jpg) Google


Delicious meal.
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Nice, I see now.


Stream Harvester


File: 1562295698947.jpg (471.75 KB, 1000x1000, 1551857699644.jpg) Google

hey Ron Paul you know you said you'd live on the streets but its obvious you had a place to go…


I'll just assume he dwells somewhere deep inside a power plant


That can't be a safe place to live. I think I see asbestos.



retard filter


Literally fell asleep watching this nerd shit

File: 1562343777107.png (158.71 KB, 500x641, 1562342815780.png) Google




Stop being a submissive follower and don't give your attention to this garbage.

File: 1562247434949.jpg (182.33 KB, 1921x1280, crab form.jpg) Google


6'3''+ Maximum height advantage: Women find extremely attractive, can compensate for ugly face, 3+, in some cases. No height enhancement recommended or required

6'0-6'3'' Moderate-Significant Height Advantage: Most slayers and chads are in this range. Compensates for 4+ face. Comfortably tall, no height enhancement recommended or required unless in extremely tall countries like the Netherlands.

5'10-6'0'' No disadvantage-Slight Height Advantage: Cutting it close there, height has limited effect in this range, cannot compensate for an ugly face. Height lifts are recommended to gain further height advantage, if face is below average.

5-8-5'10'' Slight Height disadvantage: Most guys in western countries are in this height range, many woman consider guys here short, guys at this range can be rejected for their height, though most woman won't. 6+ face is minimum requirement, chads in this range will still slay. Height lifts are needed at this range to overcome disadvantage by jumping to next category, to fraud decent height. Every inch has significant improvement on quality of life.

5'6-5'8'' Moderate Height Disadvantage: This category comprises most short guys in the west. Most women will reject guys in this range based off height alone, will also lead to additional disadvantages socially and professionally. A combination of LL surgery plus height lifts are a must if one is to gain a decent height, by jumping two categories, height lifts are an absolute requirement to not be considered manlet. A 7+ face is required at this range to have any success with woman and to compensate for general disadvantages of being short.

5'4-5'6 Significant Height Disadvantage: Guys here are almost completely screwed, even most good looking guys will not be successful with women. Chad looks are required to have any success with women at all and for them to overlook your height, along with additional disadvantages. LL surgery plus height lifts are a must and you will still be at a slight disadvantage. You will encounter significant disadvantage in all other social aspects of life as well. Rope therapy is recommend, though not required.

sub 5'4'' Maximum Height Disadvantage: You are considered a dwarf rather than a man at this point, the average women is taller than you. Even with chad tier looks you'd struggle at this height, usually wealth and celebrity status are required to even have a chance with woman . Rope therapy is required, no amount of LL plus height lifts will be enough to overcome the extremely significant disadvantage of being this short . All aspects of your life will be hell and the trauma from being constantly mogged, and disrespected will hopefully end your life prematurely.


what is a height lift? are they saying you should grow more?

File: 1562337370994.jpg (364.61 KB, 1944x2048, da78bdfd0060586e0dfeb26868….jpg) Google


>takes a literal shit on the table
>just let's it keak out onto the plate in a wet sticky mess
oh no! bad rng bros… D:



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