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the rena ressentiment

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Why is the cat hiding?


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Everyone wants her to transform all the time now and it's too embarrassing.

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ota vs gn


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This board is done for.


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Thought the boy on the left was wearing a skirt until I clicked on the thumbnail.

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I can't believe Ross did all this. I never watched the last season of Friends, but it sounds like it got really edgy.

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US bill to give moral control of churches and their authority to the govenrment

>USA equality act


Are you taking the precursor to the mark of the beast?
Our Lady of Fatima promised us an era of peace is to come to cover the earth and rid of all heresy. This hasnt happened yet therfore this is indeed a precursor but our souls are at the front line each day whether we are in the presence of the antichrist or not.

>Even though fetal cells are used to grow vaccine viruses, vaccines do not contain these cells or pieces of DNA that are recognizable as human DNA. People can be reassured by the following:

>When viruses grow in cells, the cells are killed because in most cases the new viruses burst the cells to be released.


www.cga.ct.gov › phdata › tmyPDF
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I'm turning 33 and honestly I'm so tired all the time. I just kind of wanna die in my sleep. I even that depressed just I'm tired


I have no idea how other people live normal lives and continue to exist for more decades. I feel inconvenienced and annoyed whenever I wake up and realize I'm still alive. Unironically give me a terminal illness already.


they've been trying to give you one for months but you won't leave the house…


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A persistent cloaca (from the term cloaca, an analogous orifice in reptiles and amphibians), in which the rectum, vagina and urinary tract are joined into a single channel.


>anal opening missed or closed off


dude holy fucking shit what happens if the doctors dont catch this and you end up taking a shit out of your penis that would be so fucking wild


I once saw two pigeons having sex right before my eyes. I didn't startle them it just made me sad.


Whenever I see animals mating I scare them off if I can't have sex no one can

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