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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Guess who just woke up……

One more day…..
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imagine being the fifteen year old retard that makes these videos, holy fuck


Imagine being the 28 year old retard who shares them on an alt right incel support group


Don't you have an Asmongold stream to watch, cocksucker?


Since when are we an incel support group delusive fuck


Since always

File: 1566779525480.jpg (27.2 KB, 443x476, 1566130508451.jpg) Google


My prime years of virility and youth are gone. I’ve got nothing to show for it, no skill, friends, memories, achievements. I’ve got years spent alone learning nothing and refreshing an image board for a cheap dopamine hit.


I understand. Trust me, I understand like nobody else.
What have we fucking done?

We're so fucked………….


Well yeah but you know about japan and cartoons and stuff that's got to be worth something right?


Same bro how the funk do we go thru with our suicide


Whos streaming

File: 1566772613097.jpg (36.88 KB, 591x633, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindru….jpg) Google


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I thunk there's a roach in my ear what do I do


Ron Paul i started playing a little before TBC came out so i dont know what to pick now
i mained rogue, hunter, mage and shaman through the years but i pretty much had alts of every class
i want to play 4fun and i wont have a lot of time to play so ill try to raid a bit and do some pvp
i def don't want to play as a tank
what class is easy to play and can do both pvp and pve


File: 1566774403227.jpg (29.42 KB, 225x234, 15400351471422.jpg) Google

>what class is easy to play

Your mom.


thats not even a class how are paladin and mage for pvp and pve


File: 1566774898592.png (65.49 KB, 670x624, 554235554.png) Google

If you're retarded just play mage. You'll do top DPS by spamming frostbolt and casters are always needed.


ranged at all tend to be a blessing in mmo's, but especially wow?
I watched one of the honeypotsugi wow streamers and everyone he saw seemed to be a dh, rogue, or paladin
like 70% of the playerbase must be melee

File: 1566685179202.jpeg (247.11 KB, 720x719, F52FA56A-BAC7-4A47-BFAB-5….jpeg) Google


I thunk the roach in my ear is getting bigger and laying eggs in my brain. One roach can lay an egg without a mate that will hatch 50 tiny roaches. If that happens will I literally die
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Back to mero with your cockroach-infested filthpit, hondy


When I step on roaches their insides smell


I have never stepped on a roach, my mom always killed them for me


It's more disgusting because you're a normie who has never experienced violence. Violence is much worse but the only things that could happen to you are awkward conversations or bugs crawling in your ears


i've only seen roaches in the big city never in my town


Who do you think you are talking to? I actually punched some nerd in middle school so hard I broke his glasses. Do you want to be next?

File: 1566768552974.gif (2.04 MB, 480x480, 2FAFF20E-5050-48F6-8F53-9E….gif) Google


Fucking fake trick ass bitch

File: 1566763703469.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 68297EDF-240E-4C8F-A1B1-36….png) Google




she looks 40 but I'd still hit that


You'll never hit anything then you'll die


I'll hit your ass all the way back to pakistan if you don't shut up


Virgin! Virgin!


40 for an Asian is still hot. 40 for a white woman is curdled milk

File: 1566536957340.jpeg (20.26 KB, 163x324, C31C9643-CC6D-4C12-9C87-0….jpeg) Google



File: 1566552375094.webm (422.39 KB, 510x646, 1564266731789.webm) Google


stolen image



I've seen this before did you post it already?




don’t feel inclined to click this


Beta cuck

File: 1566761529199.jpg (81.33 KB, 600x673, Barpa3q.jpg) Google


Can someone give the rundown on this Țrevor guy?


he Drives


Drives what? I thought he was supposed to be homeless


driving is a state of mind
you wouldn't understand


He's driving all the boys crazy


I think most of us were just schizo to begin with, he didn't drive us to anything.


I think I'm okay.
I just like to enjoy his antics.

File: 1566703971945.jpg (164.57 KB, 1000x1000, 1540919004809.jpg) Google


If Ron Paul doesn't have a gf and doesn't even jo to 2D girls, does this mean he could be gay?
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I dunno the two guys I know into dickgirls like girls. But yeah it's weird and not normal


he also avatars as anigirls?


T is an anime girl in a 3D man's body


He ascended a long time ago.
When your IQ is that high you don't have to masturbate. That's something for lowbrain mammals.


Shut up he's not


File: 1566748565443.jpg (182.15 KB, 1428x1000, gay.jpg) Google



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