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So my Japanese roommate thinks weebs are hilarious in a pathetic way. He doesn't know anything about anime or Vijay games and said"we call those people otaku" and laughed. I asked him if he ever went to a maid Cafe and he said no otakus go there.

He's basically a Japanese Chad he even has a cute Japan GF.

It's interesting that even in Japan people who like anime are looked down upon by norms
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WTF is a "barcade"?


There was this good looking guy who was also taller than me wrecking everyone in Street fighter. I lost super bad and when he beat my friend a ton of times he was really nice and asked if I wanted to play since he was just winning and I said no man you won. Then he started talking about how his GF is good at tekken.

I felt genetically inferior and old and sad cuz he looked no older than 21. He was taller than me better looking an expert at fighting games and had a gf and was a well adjusted normies with friends and a nice guy too

Like damn I'm a loser like all of you incel freaks out hurts


What Street Fighter was it?



Who did he play as


I honestly forgot I might remember if I see the picture

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That air conditioner looks pretty classy


took me a while but wait until you see it

File: 1566679055400.png (9.06 MB, 1920x1080, Fate Stay Night Heaven's F….png) Google




File: 1566679089002.jpg (156.96 KB, 1920x1080, Fate Stay Night Heaven's F….jpg) Google


Anime is for manchildren


Who slapped her


my dick



I want to see her choking on a thick cock




It's called voyeurism stupid


You just know


Know what

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Nigger jew






Niggers Jews


He still allows hashtags so just use the top trending hashtag to what you want to tweet


Fa‎ggots, SJW and LGBTQ should be deported and stripped of their citizenship #MAGA

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Two more days until I can live again……


How can you even afford the subscription
Something isn't adding up..


Yeah. Your choice of tenses…


File: 1566668122972.png (74.02 KB, 578x547, 1a1abba4eacd0753947112ac2f….png) Google

My dad's credit card.




File: 1566668792393.png (38.56 KB, 220x244, 1268909954027.png) Google

You mean smart.


did you go back to grunby

File: 1566656860155.png (716.86 KB, 827x1167, 1566656648273.png) Google


What does she want from me
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I wonder if it's supposed to have a particular, deeper meaning….


pure shoujo

loose sluts


Oh I get it! It can be interpreted as a vagina!



quit pretending you don't see it..


Sigh didn't realize it until I was told such a virg

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Only my Japanese roommate is shorter than me. I hate being a 182cm manlet

File: 1566649632522.jpg (240.07 KB, 1920x1080, intropunitive.jpg) Google


How does a 14 y/o know what intropunitive means


I saw the -2 and was worried it was this thread .


Not even I know what that means and I'm way smarter than asscar


She doesn't because she doesn't speak English.


In other words you're smarter than a drawing. I wouldn't boast too much about it if I were you…


I don't have anything else I could boast with..

File: 1566648959659.jpeg (42.59 KB, 311x473, 60E20C4B-1C4B-4387-8FE7-1….jpeg) Google


I'm finna kms I have severe depression

File: 1566644995198.jpg (394.45 KB, 1000x1311, __saber_fate_stay_night_an….jpg) Google


Guess who woke up again……..




Got so drunk last night

File: 1566644642796.jpg (46 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190823_140723257.jpg) Google


i got fired today


What for?

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