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Do you guys use a VPN to trade on chink exchanges to avoid the IRS?


I saw people saying eva was overrated on FB and i trolled them. Sad how people pretend to like anime to look sophisticated to hipster girls. Like why does everyone wanna be me so bad, thats what is really overrated (being me).


I doubt the average normie can even understand Evangelion since it takes years of depression and self loathing to truly appreciate it but they all love life and are super condident

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I literally had $170k in btc and eth in December 2017 and was staring at link and even shilled it here for you incels but I hesitated buying then bitcorn started crashing and link started rising so I ignored it till summer, at which point I planned on buying a 70k stack but kept procrastinating and eventually forgot about it and figured it wouldn't go up until the next btc normrun and I'd just accumulate then

Now all I can get is like 7k links with all my eth and BTC and cuz of coinbase this is the new bottom.

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classic t


I really hope they implement a match history, I wasn't keeping track.


I got big boss rank


Nice job, can you get V?


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I'll try on my phone but probably not



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Guys teach me how to swing trade

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I was supposed to be a famous scientist, but society would allow it




what if she farted haha



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How much link do I need to make it


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about this much


I can't deal with this if it doesn't crash I'm offing myself


I can't deal with this if it doesn't crash I'm offing myself



How do you live with your self

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It's almost at 5 dollars


It hit 6 on huobi already.


Is that where you swing trade it?

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You all have precisely 1000 hours to donate a minimum of 10 BAT before the site is shut down permanently.

All of you can feel free to "thank" >>352014 for this.

No lie goes unpunished under my watch.
Remember that for next time.
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Last time I donated to Ron Paul he made a complaint thread because he didn't believe me at first and then tried to milk even more out of me..


You know that he openly mocks people who donate to him right?


At least he's honest about it unlike the other parasites out there who pretend to like you for giving them your mom's money.


hey Ron Paul revor its 9 am and you are not streaming


Milk actually has a job unlike Ron Paul (or at least she did last time i checked)


Ron Paul help me swing trade and I'll send you a percentage of my profit

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Hour much do you have

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Sad… More needs to be done protect such species.

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