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the us exports soy


That's what Soy sauce is made from.


Of course they do, they're the biggest producers of soybeans. Japan has no farmland.


japan also imports copious amounts of rice from all over the world including america

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My gf just broke up with me through text…..

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Why is the animation and colors different

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Spain is in GuP now.
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Hey boy do you know what cosplay this is hehe


Not sure, it was kinda boring but the girls are really nice. I want to breed the thick eyebrows girl.


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Lots of girls wish defined basic personalities and run for fan content to cover more same as 2hu, kancolle, and mobages

It also helps that its just really funny with ebin as heck Monty python references and follows the ever popular sports anime structure with a strong sound track and sfx. Really strong bd content too.

The best elements of it though aren't why it's popular, but that's the case for all successful anime.


it's a cartoon drawing dumbass


File: 1561481263716.png (483.87 KB, 808x1200, illust_75283667_20190625_0….png) Google

I also forgot about anthropomorphized country stereotype jokes, Hetalia was terrible past the first few comics the guy made and fujos ate it up for a decade.


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military hardware + moe

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So you're saying I have a chanc

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Have you ever farted so hard that your chair blew up?


5am stream

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Maybe just plays games because you enjoy them and not to be a hipster or to fit into a niche.


This shitty list is missing so many games

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Pokegirls get such good art always..
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fucking loser


File: 1561414771831.png (832.49 KB, 885x1254, Rurina.full.2595858.png) Google

Because they always have great designs


Same bro..


They get some good art, they get allot of western art.


Imagine not being a virgin
>constantly chasing the high of cumming in a tighter hole
>need to suck up to women just to get your dick off
>literally no self-control
>will never be satisfied by hand again
>having to pay for dinner and listen to the prattling of dumb cunts in the hopes that you will get laid
>if you're really desperate and not getting results, dumping actual cash for a handjob with a condom on
Sex, not even once.


I think you mean cognitive dissonance.

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Japanese bird smoking a cig


That's not good for his health


Lung cancer.

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Does she still look like a boy to you?

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