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The first thing Americans reminisce on after their loved ones die is that they won’t be able to watch Disney superhero movies with them anymore


>6.5 months ago
>first thing


One day you'll lose a friend to an early death and realize how much more simple than "normies" you really are.


Friends are for normies

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it's just one of those days…


Are you okay?


it's just that I am having a really profuse period again…


A GIRL??????


no you fucking dimwit
his tranny hole is closing up again and it's bleeding

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The real reason that season 2 of Kemono friends is worse than season 1 is actually most likely more to do with the source material or lack of it. Season 1 while not being a direct interpretation of the manga, it does still base itself from it particularly when regarding characters and some scenes. Season 2 was unable to do this of course as season 1 already had. So Season 2 would have naturally had a harder time creating characters and scenes.


It's already been pushed down by spam. Sad.

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That doesn't make any sense


it literally does unless you don't consider your brain tissue matter


it does too. why are you so upset?


consciousness is inseparable from living beings therefore it is


good we're finally on the same page


Consciousness is just memory and the brains interpretation of them.

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Wauw, very progressive and culturally accepting.

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This is literally me.
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man, monkeys are getting so intelligent they can be trained to use a touchscreen. ever seen that shit? a monkey using an iphone and browsing through instagram? that's some crazy stuff dude.
pull that shit up jamie


Up next, monkey browses /jp/ spinoffs.


Yeah, you, hondi.


Stop bullying hondy or else


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Or else what?


shut your little leprechaun looking ass up

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(×╹◡╹ ×)

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I have the need to breed


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I really, really, love Lala. It's hard to explain just how much she appeals to me.


cunny thread


pnig thread

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This episode fucking sucked dick.


Finally waking up to it, huh? Before you know it you realize the whole show sucked dick.


She sucked dicks

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