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Why was I born

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Stop talking so much shit kari

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>both become popular by repeating well-established criticisms in a silly voice
>both go through a period of 4-5 years or relative popularity and success as critics
>both attempt to make a movie which drains them creatively and is released to less than enthusiastic reviews
>long period of creative stagnation follows wherein the cynicism of each becomes more difficult to mask and the veneer of credibility both previously had wears thinner and thinner as their limited capabilities as critics and creators becomes more and more apparent.
Who had a worse fall from grace, and how can they recover?


AVGN was never really funny so he fell hard when actual talent like Mike "Zyklon B" Stoklasa popped up on jewtube.


kill me


kill everyone


They should've been born a woman.


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average day for a jap OL


I saw Shirobako and Dragon Maid so I'm already an expert on Japanese work culture.



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Today we have the Sun aligning opposite Pluto. This short exchange of energy between these two celestial powerhouses will be guiding us to get comfortable with our own reflection. This energy will be holding up a mirror to our shadows, to our light, and to what is behind the masks we wear. This is our opportunity to remember that life is a mirror of our soul. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others! And what you see in others, lives in you. 💜


You faggot.

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Hey guys it's me dani haha




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life tips


Washed up has been

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aphrodite ftw


It's missing a few of Zeus links, he had children with Gaia.


Tartarus is an incel LOL

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Play Morrowind


You better not


Why not see how many people watch if you start it? Or are you unable to stream right now


actually might fall asleep if you review don't do it


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moron cannot into math

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Oy vey federal reserve

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