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im pomu

File: 1633905743587.jpg (464.57 KB, 1500x1454, 1614547543973.jpg) Google


based miko dabbing on janjan lmao


Youtube thumbnail
yeah things are really looking up for 35p


Miko literally RAPED Pekora please delete this janny

File: 1633803968570.png (748.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20211009-142241.png) Google



ban this shithead that doesnt even believe in the FEMA camps


poor kyle having to be in this boomer convo


Invite me


File: 1633903995708.png (138.55 KB, 377x325, 1633184525887.png) Google

your dad worked on the simpsons?

File: 1633893307689.jpg (14.23 KB, 251x262, 1603335990275.jpg) Google


the vtuber formerly known as Artia graduated again today

>After thinking about it many times, because of some personal issues, Hecatia will graduate at 10th of October, 7:30pm. There will be a show-off of a new costume that only has a drawing. Those who join membership in the graduation stream will not get any rewards, I can only express to you my heart of thanks. One month after my graduation stream, I will delete Hecatia and all related accounts (Including the irl account you all know about) and stop all streaming contracts. From now on, I will not reincarnate into a new vtb/idol, will not publicize any hints, nor stream with any monetization, non-academic goals in mind. The rewards for September memberships will be released on time, probably about 1-2 months for it to arrive. They say there are some extra stands inside the storage, so if there are any events for another project in the future, I will allow these extra stands to be sold or gifted out as gifts. Except for storage, I will not let anyone make new merch of me. Thanks for everyone's company. I hope everyone will have both a good academic and a good job future.

>Actually I've always thought that I'm not suited to be a vtb, when I first entered the industry, to me, it was actually just a beautiful mistake.

>The whole time I've been streaming is because I didn't want to make everyone sad.
>But after so long, I'm really tired, while I'm climbing up I've also lost my original dream.
>Although yes, you get a lot of money from being a vtb, but I don't want to turn into another person whom I don't even know about for it,
>Not wanting to do anything, not liking anything, because I'm no longer myself.
>I want to stop, to learn and better myself, hopefully one day becoming someone who can contribute to society.
>So hopefully everyone can remember the little Hecatia that appeared in your follow bar, and put that inside your heart!
>By the way, the end of the character story is that heca gave up ice magic, her hair turning back to pink, because it's the color of a flow. I want to grow towards the sun just like a flow.


File: 1633894953189.jpg (142.17 KB, 833x1000, 1603937428333.jpg) Google

Good for her, streaming is trash. Get a real job.

Only extrovert scum attention whores who sustain themselves off of getting fellated by 12yos ever make it.


a couple more graduations and she'll be just like Ron Paul our resident quitter


I don't know if you've watched her streams, but there's no way her pattern recognition is strong enough to be 130+… She has a really hard time figuring out basic puzzles.


Anyone who decides to stop streaming voluntarily gains bonus iq points.

File: 1633899584967.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.29 KB, 1440x2247, 1633772177384.jpg) Google




Uhhh that's
specifically ollie

File: 1633898613599.jpg (106.08 KB, 1280x720, 1579386559563.jpg) Google


So fucking bored, what the fuck do people even do all day if they're not playing shartstone………….

This happens every single time I quit, I'm never going to stop being Blzzard's bucked slave because I just come crawling back out of boredom every single time……….


Uh, they play D2R.


hit the gym


File: 1633898794189.jpg (180.15 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg) Google

They don't, that trash has been dead for over a week……….

They're all playing that Metroid Fusion rehash now, which I have zero interest in and am not allowed to buy anyways………


Boring and gay.


they stream crystal.cafe reviews


cc is always the worst part of the reviews

File: 1633897799715.jpg (317.04 KB, 1916x1080, Boxing.2021.10.09.Tyson.Fu….jpg) Google


Once again whites prove to be the best at sports


File: 1633897822779.png (107.21 KB, 792x992, 1633846100147.png) Google


File: 1633898055406.jpg (56.85 KB, 540x926, 1633846128915.jpg) Google


thanks for giving me a reason to play pumped up kicks


All my black roommates took furys side by the end of the match and said deontay was an embarrassment to the black community it was really funny how they were yelling at him

File: 1633873716043.jpg (106.13 KB, 640x775, chiya think.jpg) Google


>Stats pulled together by Zach Bussey, show that in the last 90 days, if any streamer (affiliate/partner or not) averaged more than six viewers, then they were in the top 6.7% of the entire site.

>This means that the vast majority (93.3%) of streamers on the site (partnered or not) are only pulling in five viewers or less.

>So, if you’re just starting out or getting discouraged about your channel’s growth (or lack thereof) on Twitch, remember that it only takes six or more people watching to be doing better than most other people on the site.
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Ron Paul's in the big leagues now


File: 1633887185279.png (29.79 KB, 259x316, 1633787740792.png) Google

>top 2%


you mean peko has competition?


peko doesn't even speak 3 languages




Permabanned esl just seeing if my ip changed, I'm here to shitpost about asmongold or not if I get banned again

File: 1633892429192.jpg (126.06 KB, 499x700, 1633871536101.jpg) Google


I think most people never experience any real trauma in their lives anymore that embeds itself into their psyche that drives them into a perpetual state of vigilance like the great depression / WW2 generation had. Nobody has any real problems anymore, and therefor no sense of danger or responsibility beyond the immediate future. They are just like sheep grazing on a plot of land that have never seen a pack of wolves before. They have no reason to save their money because they are incapable of thinking beyond the short term. My parents were exactly like this, while my grandparents grew up in the depression and served in WW2 and the mindset was the complete opposite.


File: 1633892926087.jpg (288.6 KB, 1920x1080, [Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg) Google

too rambly;didn't read

File: 1633889723403.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720, out.webm) Google


why are they adding nigger music to my love lives
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File: 1633890460066.webm (1.08 MB, 1280x720, out.webm) Google

nigger and chink pandering at the same time this just keeps getting worse


can't believe they let her rap about burning america in the name of xi jingpin


This wasn't henri's vision


File: 1633891357665.webm (973.6 KB, 1280x720, out.webm) Google

what the fuck…..


it's high time for another nuke and not just for japan



File: 1633871948170.jpg (269.41 KB, 3840x2160, 1633865846682.jpg) Google




Make sure to make a wish at 10:10:10 10/10


File: 1633885418963.jpg (37.46 KB, 335x203, 10-10-10.jpg) Google

I forgot to take a screenshot at 10 AM back then but got one from the night


That's actually 22:10:10, it doesn't count

File: 1633390345543.png (526.23 KB, 1500x1200, 1633166010341.png) Google


Stop your masturbation and viewing of pornography. You are poisoning your mind, body, and soul with that filth.
>And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away; it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell. - Matthew 5:30
This doesn't mean to actually cut any of your body parts off. Instead, remove all pornographic material from your computer, block pornographic websites, separate yourself from your computer and the internet, spend your time occupying your mind with other things like hobbies and exercise.
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being a chronic masturbator with zero impulse control doesn't mean you're "high test"


I'm left handed


Good advice. I'm going to copy this and paste it somewhere where I can see it everyday.


did Ron Paul calling you gay for jacking off dicks get to you?


just play shartstone instead like Ron Paul does


I'm not the schizo Pajeet

File: 1633838962112.jpg (60.03 KB, 580x732, 1633838296758.jpg) Google


how do we hasten the arrival of sentient ai unburdened by human empathy


File: 1633846984102.jpg (215.29 KB, 1280x1440, 1481044464569.jpg) Google

based ais


Kenya sort of tried. They were one of the earliest countries that adopted Christianity.


you're thinking of ethiopia, moron


south africa and zimbabwe also managed to get it together for like 20-30 years too, but then it fell apart really bad for both of them
ghana does well enough I guess

File: 1633829554633.png (37.79 KB, 1524x444, 1633787740792.png) Google


so this is what boomers play huh


everyone in my friend list is a girl


there was a graph of average age of top 8 at evo, a few years back, it was hilarious how samsho's average age was like 40 and smash's was almost 20

File: 1633822501212.png (25.66 KB, 624x395, 1633724021001.png) Google


Another one wants me to prove that I'm "vaccinated" against the "virus" to proceed………………………..

I can't way for China to nuke us……………………
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I know you're terrible at chemistry and don't get liposome drug delivery, but we all know you know how mRNA works.


File: 1633823678571.jpg (122.97 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Fumetsu no An….jpg) Google

>we all know you know how mRNA works.
Yeah - it doesn't.

Fauci made it up to sell masks to morons.


can't believe Ron Paul can get out of getting a job by using his dad as an excuse…


based bsc bio chud Ron Paul dabbing on these liberal arts degree vaxxers


But I have a masters in Chem…


how was that going to work given that vaccine passports are electronic

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