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File: 1624036381465.jpg (365.67 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Kumo desu ga,….jpg) Google


Where do they get the balls to call the show Kumo and then cut the Kumo out for literal CG shonenshit diarrhea?

This is beyond Kojima-level bait-and-switch bullshit.


what do you mean it has plenty of clouds


File: 1624039327079.webm (42.28 MB, 1280x720, 1621743442724.webm) Google

lol thats almost as funny as the joke about paper, hair, and god

File: 1624036982542.jpg (31.02 KB, 480x480, 1624014713639.jpg) Google


Mi-Mi-Miya *sputters as he loses oxygen*MITSUBISHI-san, I am a VERY busy man, you must understand*eats*I am as of late working quite diligently on my newest book, The*fart*The WINDS of Winter, *sweats loudly*I have only so much time to devote to your little electronic amusement. *hacks up chicken bone* But what I find TRULY egregious, based on the material you have provided me, and*belches*based on your PREVIOUS work, is the complete lack of believable World-Building. In particulaaaaaaaarrrrrr *heart stops beating for 20 seconds*the complete LACK of any description of Lord Gwyn, who is a KING I suppose*snort*having ANY kind of discernible tax policy! His capital, Anal London I believe you so quaintly named it*chuckles*seems to be quite grandiose, aye? But how does he PAY for it all? Flying buttresses ah yes, great big knights patrolling around, who pays for THOSE?*urine stain slowly spreads on shorts*You've got to THINK about these things, man, or else I won't get any work done at all!*falls into diabetic coma*

File: 1624034235682.jpg (204.1 KB, 803x1200, 8A859B17242845F6A355F2FB94….jpg) Google


File: 1624030161116.png (2.45 MB, 2093x1319, morning.png) Google


I woke up too late… What a great morning.


File: 1624031173595.gif (147.33 KB, 480x401, InterviewAnimated.gif) Google


File: 1624032105788.png (1.31 MB, 1399x779, reddit review.png) Google

oh boy the meitantei is back on


Why am I not surprised that wata's birthday is on D-Day?


File: 1624034060939.jpg (672.67 KB, 2362x1914, Nuremberg.jpg) Google

File: 1624033985102.png (3.99 MB, 1493x2263, I_Refuse_To_Believe.png) Google


White people have never accomplished anything.

File: 1624023254132.jpg (120.07 KB, 1123x720, [HorribleSubs] Gamers! - 0….jpg) Google


Think my rested xp is full, maybe I should boot up TBC and ruin my life again……….

Apparently I'm never getting a job anyways because I have no gay ass references……….
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Maybe you are retard contrarian , because no one could hear what he was saying with the background stream screaming over him. Overall volume was too low, and I had to concentrate very hard to understand maybe half of it.


>Maybe you are retard contrarian
esl confirmed


So what you're saying is they make more than you?


lol gais xf he made a typo lol xd!!!11




File: 1624033470689.jpg (272.44 KB, 992x1600, unnamed3.jpg) Google

put peko down as a reference
she can attest to your perfect attendance right?

File: 1624003906420.webm (1.82 MB, 540x960, 1619812492160_0.webm) Google





File: 1623986399539.jpg (131.33 KB, 1394x921, 1623957282654.jpg) Google


Why is he so pathetic?
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File: 1623987007297.png (1.69 MB, 1200x848, 1623959644073.png) Google


Holy fucking based


File: 1623990001669.mp4 (2.3 MB, 1280x720, sheepscreamer2.mp4) Google

if you think these old men are based, check this out.


did she died


Is that epstein?


haha amaerica so strong

File: 1624023515562.png (2.74 MB, 904x1280, 1624017500503.png) Google




I wish girls like her were real


they are, they just stay away from incel freaks like you


they are, but they only post on cc so we can't talk to them without getting banned

File: 1624024117606.jpg (28.57 KB, 467x398, 8f314a61e86e01f7dd7e13a137….jpg) Google


Vox Populi imageboard. The voice of the people. Come post and have some fun. :)


File: 1624020468468.png (203.84 KB, 428x565, 20210618_074705.png) Google


File: 1623985138737.png (211.32 KB, 893x499, 50629045_p1.png) Google


sigh wish i had a burg or a life


File: 1623985241939.jpg (128.96 KB, 400x400, 1623942082254.jpg) Google

Use POST for $15 off on postmates


ate a chilli burg


hate how al the delivery apps have a 5dollar deliver charge then upcharge about 20%
by the time you end up hitting the minimum price for those 10/15 dollar off coupons it's usually a worse deal than just going there myself


just buy groceries yourself dumbass


Yeah well you don't have to drive and talk to a cashier


File: 1624014104641.png (341.59 KB, 800x600, 1464458448179-3.png) Google

i can't make mcdonalds myself

File: 1624004364102.gif (602.63 KB, 1200x810, 1616025002925.gif) Google


About 10 years ago I had a tested iq of 137, took the online mensa iq test now and got 118. How do I minimise my losses now ive lost 20iq points

File: 1623998522005.jpg (117.77 KB, 816x1066, 935EA9FE3AB04B1A8851756139….jpg) Google


hardcore libertarians have to be the dumbest people alive

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