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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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The more I try to think about this show, the more it angry I get at it.


Why? I like it. Also why does your webm have no sound?


Forgot to add the sound tag to it, and what frustrates me is that he's saying that he's over level 40 and that there are supposedly a good many others that are too. Raphtalia was already wrecking pretty strong demons well before she hit the first cap, and there's supposed to be lots of people with a higher level than even her. Why weren't they out just pulverizing the wave, or at least protecting the cities?


That's how RPGs work.


Yeah, but I keep thinking of it as more of a show than a game, and so it throws me off when they try to mix in stuff into the show that works more in games than it does shows.

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make a post deleted on gnfos video Ron Paul
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Why this in my recs I don't even know this anime


why can't all animation look this good?


wow newpipe is really cool. what are other essential apps you use?


Newpipe is shit, just use the magisk youtube app vinced or something


does it really matter if google knows what you watch on a site they own?
at the least, they still see your ip accessing the file despite not taking the whole page


How does it track you through gifs? I thought their search was shit for finding anime related stuff

File: 1552958681928.png (663.06 KB, 650x850, _matoba_risa_and_yuuki_har….png) Google


do you guys think the serpent from the bible was actually the good guy
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uh no incels exist because of adam's first wife lilith


Incels exist because god abandoned humanity


would he abandon us if the snake didn't trick eve?


the garden of eden is just a metaphor for nature and natural instinct, it's basically humans before they became self-aware and were the same as chimps and other animals. everything is bliss because there's no ego or self, animals don't rape and shit like that, they're just adhering to their instincts.

the serpent and the tree of knowledge represent consciousness, which can be seen as either a gift or a curse. If you're an antinatalist like Ron Paul then yeah I guess it's a punishment to come into existence and develop consciousness because this existence is basically a lower dimension of purgatory. By that logic abortion is right and raising a child is wrong


God is the bad guy. He places the tree of knowledge right next to Adam and Eve knowing well that they would eventually take a bite. He then banishes and punishes them and all of humanity for a sin he induced them to make


I don't know, I never read that book.

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This just arrived today, what am I in for?

File: 1552970827060.jpg (150.96 KB, 1280x720, 1527282649637.jpg) Google



File: 1552957027865.jpg (45.04 KB, 720x466, 1531649365526.jpg) Google


Is this real?
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It's only bad because of how it will be done and the reason they will do it.

It's not being done in the interest of the people.


I bet you're poor


File: 1552963804683.png (459.19 KB, 405x535, 1239124.png) Google

Blessed are the poor


File: 1552966136069.webm (554.58 KB, 360x360, flail.webm) Google

the working class


File: 1552966218771.jpg (172.47 KB, 405x535, 12d12d12.jpg) Google

Women are not working class, they are white collar workers in disguise.

If you ever worked with a woman, you know what I'm talking about


File: 1552970785484.jpg (17.64 KB, 284x400, 1527981655344.jpg) Google

>basing your political views on how scared of blacks you are

Trump voters in a nutshell.

File: 1552966864189.jpg (784.32 KB, 1320x990, 78c55375e3b132b169e0ffdca8….jpg) Google


File: 1552965317130.png (3 MB, 2894x4093, ZZC 0771.png) Google


This is the Howa type 89 rifle. She isn't allowed to be exported outside of Japan. How sad she will never see the world.


That means she won't be defiled by hands that don't deserve her, right?

File: 1552964521422.png (197.97 KB, 989x707, 4724ee74977c1e5e17c6f7ceb9….png) Google


It's your turn T

File: 1552963848373.jpg (181.43 KB, 632x430, misc 1078.jpg) Google



no one cares about this shit anymore it was ages ago


kill yourself chinless platypus

File: 1552958232621.png (1.9 KB, 484x44, 1552923339759.png) Google


t just pwned this fukken nerd and wiped half of the 0th page


He should just 403 Norway from viewing the site. It's the only norwegian that posts here anyway.

File: 1552671747027.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Majut….png) Google


Can't follow Index III at all, but at least little misaka is still alive and cute. I just want more episodes like the hot springs one, but I guess I'll need to wait until Railgun for that, seeing how things are going.
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recommend me the hard to not defend ones


zero no maria (well at least the first few volumes, the death game one happens and it all goes to shit)
hikaru ga chikyuu ni itakoro
black summoner (this one tries way too hard to sell itself with sex than it needs to, but so does grimgar and everything else that comes out of overlap)
the city
kusuriya no hitorigoto (this is getting popular through the manga adaptation though so now I have to stop liking it)
light novel author strangled by my voice actress classmate
most books published by sonorama and f-clan (which are now defunct)

there's also a lot of series in general that will have good volumes mixed in with trash
I dont read a lot of them though as I read english way faster than jap and mostly stick to that
yeah though, a lot of the time too I feel fine coming out of a shitty LN because they're practically 60-100 page reads for most of em when you cut out all the spacing and giant text
it's not like reading a tad williams book


where does Saten disappear to when index is going on


the academy city glory hole


kill yourself


What's going on with this new Index? Why is everyone dying? It's pretty violent compared to any other raildex, and I can't understand shit, but it's at least entertaining.

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