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How do I get her to date me


First of all you have to buy her game


She doesn't have any games for me to buy


post 'em
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You don't know that


Sigh with me Bros


I miss when GoT was good


I think this was Danny's most badass scene


She's a selfish bitch who pitted Jon against Dany to become queen of the north


What about bran who literally killed half the cast just to be king


Save your money



File: 1558691622533.jpg (171.44 KB, 1147x688, __saber_fate_zero_and_fate….jpg) Google


"He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes."
- Ancient gnfos adage



File: 1558680578481.jpeg (80.94 KB, 673x727, BC07030F-FF80-471D-8E39-F….jpeg) Google


McDonald's is so disgusting. Wendys was closed so I went they're. Lesson learned fuck




Make me

File: 1558524732792.png (99.88 KB, 2551x942, Screenshot_2019-05-22 jp ….png) Google


How many pages do you have to go through until you reach an unhidden thread? 4 for me.
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Mad pedo incel detected


5 pages now.


Did you hide everything but Miko Miko Nurse


Oops, I must have hid that too.


Retarded fuck


Page 9 now.

File: 1558604906701.png (1.98 MB, 1708x958, nak.png) Google


Curious trend……


probably more betaori off stream. I pussy out less on friendly matches and my stats suck there.


File: 1558616141118.png (441.44 KB, 1011x711, 3ekcydwu3vz21.png) Google


File: 1558672573785.png (85.5 KB, 383x313, ef.png) Google

it won't be up for another hour


File: 1558674274924.png (70.84 KB, 353x280, ugh.png) Google

trade war with china caused them to deliberately set the wrong time


Rate my work

File: 1556465016374.png (94.29 KB, 530x379, 1431572193601.png) Google


Ended up playing shartstone until 6am again and got zero sleep…..

Why is this addiction legal…..
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File: 1556466879388.png (Spoiler Image, 596.3 KB, 911x675, ‎‎.png) Google


It must suck being a girl


It must be hard for then


What hentai is this?


Yeah only getting off to abusive guys and wanting to submit and be degraded and hate themselves for it.


What hentai is it?

File: 1558607830030.jpg (334.25 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20190523-055821….jpg) Google




poor otamin


i have about 10x that amount


woah so Adam was the villain…


But Lilith is revenge and spite, she became the same evil in her quest for vengeance. So confusing

File: 1558516309518.jpg (74.41 KB, 500x633, arabic_girl.jpg) Google


Got into crypto in 2015 and I'm not even at 50k. Anyone not retarded should be a millionaire by now but I had to be born with my brain


File: 1558517291216.png (159.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190522-052741.png) Google

WTH I only have 4k link


2015 was already 4 years too late


Vaporizer is Rich


File: 1558548358583.png (4.05 KB, 184x301, 1557622928581.png) Google

it's finally happening


it's gone down again…


File: 1558666316641.gif (1.34 MB, 350x216, 1558649391984.gif) Google

We're back

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