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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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Can someone make a map of the /jp/verse?

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I can't believe it's 4 am


In a world where bitch females gave us a chance, I'd be awake at 6 AM ready to go to work.


Is that how petty you are? Is that all you care for?

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infp here, what are you? sorry about the green frog and cancer alien


I'm not really into horoscopes, sorry.


you should be your sign is probably similar to your personality


Every sign has aspects that people could identify with.


you dont get it becuse youre male

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Do you believe in global warming? If so, do you believe humans are the cause? And after that, do you believe humans can do anything to stop it?
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Even if we weren't affecting the atmospheric chemistry? aren't we using fuels in such a way that they'd be releasing energy upon the earth at a greater rate than ever before regardless
yes though, long-term climate change patterns was happening before humans started going crazy and before we even existed, and our massive animal farming and chemical projects haven't helped it stay at such a pace that is within our own interests
however, there's very little reason to regard it as as major of a concern threat than other human states, unless they agree to as well and the chinese and west-asia/middle east really need to help before we're all dead

also I agree though, fuck kikes


i was looking at the most polluted countries a few hours ago and trying mom to guess which ones were the least polluted it was fun


im pretty sure this is a nuclear power plant which only exhausts water vapor its a pretty clean source of power until things go south and then it gets bad fast


get in here gnbros


Morimorichan is a klutz


Please don't mention race when it's not relevant, this could have been anyone

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3 8s




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why did you delete your post


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4 9s


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Here's one of my epic gnfos bans from back in the day. Enjoy.
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File: 1552874162259.png (111.54 KB, 802x297, Canada-chan.png) Google


hoooly shit i totally forgot about that arc


I think I may have subconsciously repressed flag-related events on gn from my memory and likely for good reason
I remember them having been a thing though


don't forget to check "hide flag"


Does it even matter if you're US?


it doesn't matter at all

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That reminds me, the GNFOS twitter isn't back up. We can't @potus anyway.


Disregard this post. There was anther GNFOS Twitter.


Did you even check the twitter link


@realdonaldtrump fucking fat 🍊💩



how do i reply to a specific tweet with the bot?

File: 1552884557911.jpg (256.64 KB, 2048x1153, 1513869341466.jpg) Google



wtf? i made this thread back then did Ron Paul manually tweet my post or have the imagebot enabled?

File: 1552874750625.jpg (30.07 KB, 312x445, matr.jpg) Google


ITT: pleb filter television and film


I just watch a bunch of old videos on youtube and saw a bunch of them use matrix references, lol, good times.


File: 1552883038057.jpg (933.64 KB, 1920x1080, [AK-Submarines] GIRLS und ….jpg) Google


Are they uncivilized?


Yes, they are French.

File: 1552862477002.png (14.32 KB, 784x450, 1549396996.67776677.png) Google


Why doesn't Ron Paul rate /bun/ anymore?


Because he doesn't post on any of the good /jp/ like /jp/ spinoffs.


probably because the ratings are a joke


ratings are srs buzness you turbotardlord

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are LLcels welcomed here


whats your socree in the mobile game


File: 1552870415150.png (3.01 MB, 2144x3498, 73738137_p1.png) Google

the faq that was never updated by our hopeless romantic admin still says the site name is no-you and the only rule on /jp/ is no you

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Wow, amazing thread, really makes you think

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