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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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>sucker discovers the extent to which they have been tracked

>goes on /g/ to seek validation
>w-we're all in th-this t-t-together r-right?

Nope. You're a part of the botnet now and there's no going back. The elite already have a full profile on you. You have two options: embrace it, or kill yourself.


Meh. So you don't use an Android phone right



File: 1533735617683.png (346 KB, 479x772, 1516239488326.png) Google

It's the new normal! R-right guys?
>So you don't use an Android phone right
Of course not. I refuse to have a cell phone because they are tracking and surveillance devices. They all enable the phone system to record where the user goes, and many (perhaps all) can be remotely converted into listening devices.


>not realizing I'm mocking you
Lel. Go take your meds for assburgers.



If you post a girl, she has to be making a face that you are making while making that post. You can't just post her for no reason.


File: 1533735897851.jpg (43.11 KB, 500x500, 1521724206016.jpg) Google

She is retard. I'm educating readers with my wisdom. It's too late for you, but maybe someone else can be saved from eternal enslavement.


See? You're still posting random girls. You're doing it all wrong!


Unironically kill yourself.


you're responding to copypasted /g/ posts from five years ago


>ooga boots gov gets data
>Embrace or kill yur selvvvv
How about offerimg a solution to what software or browser to use to counteract or prevent data collection from happening instead of Flailing your arms around role playjng as if you (((know))) what's going on.

Complaints and no solution? Might as well be controlled opposition at this point OP. Living up to Dani's owm personal MKultra paitemt reputation with this thread.




always recommend my bros to degoogle themselves


There's so many people on /g/ using Windows 10 despite how much they meme up Linux. To say nothing of the smartphone general users talking about Clover and shit.

Fucking disgusting hypocrites all of them.

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